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Our Story


Our Story

"The quality of the gift depends on the sincerity of the giver. It also helps if the gift is something the receiver actually wants. So far you’ve given me your handkerchief, your notebook, and your pen. All three things I wanted."

--Excerpt from Bel Canto, Ann Patchett

It all began with a conversation. One that took place with a frustrated friend. Frustrated because she had just opened the seventh box containing a clock she didn’t care for, and couldn’t carry home with her.

“Too big, too garish, too…everything”, she said, sighing at the weight of the wedding gift in her arms. Soumya and Darren got married in India, but were starting their marital journey in Singapore. Rather than rejoicing in post matrimonial bliss, they were stressed at the prospect of dealing with box after box of unusable and redundant gifts. They finally ended up taking only 4 gifts back with them - a miniscule percentage of the 200 or so gifts they received. To top it all off, they still had to write 200 thank you notes, AND they still ended up shopping for things they actually needed to set up their married home!

Their story is not uncommon. Every day in India, thousands of married couples receive unnecessary gifts at their nuptials. Most of these gifts join the recycle pile that every Indian home has or lie unused at the back of someone’s closet.

Welcome to the gift divide – the immense gap between gifts received and gifts desired! Guests attending a wedding (for the most part) would like to give the couple something useful, but have no idea what to buy. So they end up purchasing generic picture frames, clocks or recycle from the ‘pile’.

Thus came the idea of a one-stop destination for prospective couples and their guests. A place where couples can decide:

  • - What they want
  • - How they want it
  • - Where to send it

Guests can choose from a plethora of options, all selected personally by the couple, and decide:

  • - Which gift to give
  • - How much to contribute
  • - Where to send it

Sounds easy? That’s because it is!

In a world where people prefer practical over bizarre, Wedding Wishlist offers prospective couples a way to start their married lives with gifts and experiences that they not only need, but also will also treasure for a lifetime. Friends and family will also be able to take pleasure in knowing that their gift is functional yet unforgettable.

Because long after they have torn open the wrapping paper, the memory of a good gift remains. And if the gift becomes a part of their married life, the memory will be doubly precious. At Wedding Wishlist, our goal is to help bridge the gift divide, and create a gifting experience that is rooted in practicality, while still ensuring that the happy couple has a fun and memorable experience.

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