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Apna Janakalyan

Hygiene for poor
assured_image Health Karnataka
Sponsor hygiene kits for poor families
Awards & Recognition
Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jalmitra Award, National Award, Office of the Commissioner of Customs Jodhpur, GuideStar Transparency Award
Last audited December 2018
Empowered 600 Leprosy-Affected Communities In 4 Colonies Of Raichur, Gadag, Hospet & Ballari
After the partition Bangladeshi refugees were rehabilitated in India. The government launched various projects to tackle the situations and one such project was in Sindhanur which went through a rough patch. A point when the trust was shattered and despair all over the place, a group of individuals stood up for the cause with a vision to create a healthy environment. They believed that all individuals have equal access and control over the social, cultural, educational and political institutions with an economically secured livelihood. That belief took the form of an organization in 1997 - Janakalyan. Prasen Raptan the Executive Director and co-founder of Janakalyan has 20 years' of experience in various Management aspects. A gold medalist for his scholastic performance, his experience allows him to juggle with projects of various sizes at ease. Mr. Raptan developed innovative projects and viable models for the empowerment of women, peasant communities, and youth. What started as a project in an area now operates in 5 districts of North Karnataka. It is inspiring how people like Mr. Raptan dedicated their lives to uplifting the rural masses.
Leadership DH Kambali
Basic necessities for everyday living
Basic sanitation should be the right of every human. Janakalyan works in ten villages that are frequently flood-affected. The condition of health and sanitation in these areas is extremely bad and often causes life-threatening diseases. The staff visit the villages and identify the families best suited to receive the hygiene kit based on their poverty levels. The families receive 10 Bathing soaps, 10 dish soaps, scrubber, cleaning tools, 5 kg detergent, 2 mugs and 2 buckets and receive basic training program on how to use these hygiene products. The aim is to change the hygiene behavior in the families that receive the kit. When you support this program, you will be helping a new family adopt healthy hygiene practices every month.

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