8 Machine Gifts for a New Couple


Are you a soon to be getting married couple? Worried about living a new life with the new responsibilities of your home, WITHOUT HELP?

You don’t always need a human to help you out with carrying out daily chores in your home. Let the machines take care of it for you! Here are 8 machines that are an absolute must for every new couple, especially if you don’t have anyone to help you.



Robotic Vacuum cleaner – Ever thought of a time where you could gift a personal robot who can clean a house? The time is nearly here. For the moment, it will only spare one from sweeping the floors. This is one of the best inventions in the last 5 years and this could be one of the best gifts that a couple could receive on their wedding day.

When they feel the need to sweep the floors, all they need to do is switch on the robotic vacuum cleaner and sit on their couch, watch tv, or read a book or a newspaper – or do anything they enjoy, while their very own bot will clean their house for them. The best part – after the job is done, it goes and seats itself on its charger! What a cool gift to give!

Dishwasher – If you’re in the mood of being really generous with your gifting, then you would do the a newly married servantless couple a massive favour by showering them with a very helpful dishwasher. A good dishwasher in India would cost anywhere from Rs.30000 and above. Its one of those high value gifts that can be generously gifted together with friends or to just contribute to the amount on the page.

Rice Cooker : If rice is a staple in your part of the city, then a rice cooker would be a great gift to give at a wedding. This will save the couple a lot of time and help the couple prepare their lunch in a nice and clean way. All they need to do is put rice in the cooker and set it right for cooking. Within a matter of 10 – 15 minutes, the rice will be ready.




Dough Kneader –Rotis and Chapatis are a usual staple in many Indian homes. However, it is a lot of work to knead the dough, separate it into small equal parts and then use a rolling pin to flatten it. A dough kneader will really help anyone who usually makes Rotis and Chappatis for dinner.

Note: Beware when you choose a dough kneader. There are many generic dough kneaders out there, that are of inferior quality. So make sure that the one that you choose for the couple to is one that will last you a long time. You can also look for a daily collection food processor that can chop, knead, whisk and blend in the same machine.

Roti Maker – Once again a great gift for a servantless couple who enjoys rotis and chappatis for lunch or dinner , a roti maker is one that can easily cut cooking efforts for a couple who is pressed for time. After kneading the dough, the rotis and chapatti dough can be easily put into an electric Roti Maker – an absolute must have for a couple without help.

Vegetable Cutter/ Food Processor – Now that you’ve seen that the gadgets that can prepare the main course like rice, know that you also have the option of gifting the couple gadgets to prepare side dishes like vegetable stir fries and other dishes with vegetables. These processors are great especially if the couple doesn’t have time to do elaborate chopping to make their meals

Pressure Cooker with 3 separators – This vessel is an absolute life saver for anyone who either doesn’t like to spend too much time cooking or who doesn’t have time on your hands. This pressure cooker will be a great help for a newly wed couple. All they need to do is keep rice in the lower level of the separator, place dal in the next level and another favourite vegetable to go on the higher level separator! – and cook. That’s 3 birds with one stone!

The couple can also use the rice cooker for the rice, and the pressure cooker for 3 different delicious side dishes. This will definitely be a gift a servantless new couple will be extremely grateful to have.


Sandwich Maker – Sandwiches are one of the easiest meals that one can make. So gifting a new couple a sandwich maker would be a brilliant idea. This is a gift that can let the couple experiment all they want with the art of making a sandwich, with any fillings they want!

With the help of all the above, you can simply do away with household help and save a lot of money. Instead try and use your machines to do all that work for you. After all, what are machines and technology for?


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