Wedding Wishlist – New Concept?


The western concept of wedding wishlist is often perceived as completely new in India. Could the 21st century Indian couples embrace it? Is the concept of receiving preferred gifts from friends and family totally foreign to our custom?

We asked a few engaged couples about their views wedding gifting. Here is what we found. People associated typical wedding gifts with guests bringing brightly wrapped presents,  wrapped in myriads of shiny colours, handed at the reception. While food is served, each party goes up to the stage to congratulate the couple, present the gift and take a photograph with the newly weds.  This is the conventional wedding gift giving in India.

Let’s rewind about 50 years ago, to a Continue Reading

The Wedding Wishlist Story

Wedding Wishlist Story

It all began with a conversation. One that took place with a frustrated friend. Frustrated because she had just opened the seventh box containing a figurine she neither cared for, nor could take back home with her.

“Too big, too bright, too…everything” she said, as she sighed at the weight of the wedding gift in her arms. Soumya and Darren had married in India, but were going back to Singapore where they were settling down and starting a new life. Rather than rejoicing in their post matrimony bliss, they were Continue Reading