Festive Must Haves for A Couple

b1When you are given a choice to list products on wedding Wishlist, one often thinks about products that you require on a day to day basis. However, one advantage of using a Wedding Wishlist is that you can also list products that you require for the biggest festive occasions during the year as well. So don’t forget to put in your festive must-haves for the season. Here’s a guide to what you must choose for your list:

Silver Trays – When you are creating a wishlist, one thing you can choose with festivities in mind is silver trays. You can choose a simple one or ones with ornate carvings or etchings on the inside as well as handles. These trays will be useful for you for all your festive presenting needs – be it for the guests or for religious needs. Small trays can be used to present gifts to your neighbours, or near and dear ones.











Ornate Lamps – Who doesn’t need lamps for Diwali? When you sign up for gifts on your Wishlist, make sure that you put some festive lamps of all kinds, and sizes. These will be very useful to light up your abode beautifully.






Figurines – From Ganeshas to Buddhas, there are plenty of ornate or simply designed figurines that you could add to your Wishlist. Each one serves a special purpose, and you can select one that has a special meaning for your home.





Candle sets – Candles of all shapes and sizes are great gifts to get for your wedding. These will be really useful during the festive season. You can decorate the house in a modern and contemporary way by using these candles lit around the place beautifully.



Festive coloured furnishings and upholstery – One thing that you could do around the house during special occasions and festivals is change the colour scheme of the house temporarily by using brightly coloured curtains, cushion covers and table cloths and runners. These will make your home look vibrant, and in tune with the season. So go ahead and put bold and festive coloured curtains, bed sheets, table cloths, runners and cushion covers on to your list of gifts you would like to receive for your wedding.








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