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Who best knows about the new life you are entering into after your wedding – you do! What a joy it is to be able to choose every piece of furniture, home décor and kitchen gadgets in your new home after your wedding day! It can also be a daunting task.Thankfully, you can finally communicate your preferences of gifts picked carefully by you but thoughtfully bought by your guests for your wedding. Yes, this was a task one didn’t have to worry about in the past due to traditional reasons. But the times have changed. Our living spaces are a lot smaller and every resource is valuable – even the gifts you receive on your wedding day should be the very things that you use in your new home!


Today, you can carefully curate the gifts that you receive on your wedding day. All you need to do is head to the Wedding Wishlist site. Register yourself and your better half on the site and start picking your favourite things that are presented in the different categories. Here are the steps of curating your gifts


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1. After you have decided to use the Wedding Wishlist as your preferred method of receiving gifts, register with your name and few details about yourself, your fiancé and your big day!

2. Your next step is to shop! Except you won’t be paying (most of the time) !

3. You will be navigated through different categories of gifts related to your home. Once you choose a product, you can click ‘Add to Wish list’ button and voila -this is added to your list of gifts.


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4. Remember, if you like an entire collection of gifts, you can add it to your registry.

5. Want to buy something yourself instead of adding to wish list? Not to worry. You can also choose to do so by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

6. After your big day, should there be any gift that is not fully paid for by guests, you can choose to pay for it by clicking ‘Contribute’ button and complete your purchase!

7. Finally, using the wishlist for reference, you can send ‘Thank You’ notes to your guests for helping you put together your new home.

Here are some key items you can look at

For your Table – According to the colour schemes you have chosen for your dining space, you can carefully choose cutlery sets, China ware and other dinner table must-haves. From these, you can either go for a basic option or something special which you can use for a special occasion. This will also ensure that guests can choose between a basic or a special style according to their preference. You can choose from a variety of classic table place mats, runners and table cloths depending on your décor at home. Dine in style with your guests.



For the Home – No one knows your home as you do. After careful planning of your home, you can start curating gifts on the wedding wishlist, by choosing specific gifts that will form beautiful pieces of art and décor in your new home. You can choose the perfect painting, vase, urli or display pieces for the home you have planned.


For the Home


For Entertainment Do you see yourself hosting at home a lot? Well you can curate your home accordingly. Whether it is your dining or your living room where you will have your guests having a great time. For the dining room the entertainment must haves are decanter and pitchers that you can choose from in your Wedding Wishlist. Choose everything you need from drink dispensers to serveware related to your entertainment.

For Entertainment

For the Kitchen – Curate your kitchen exactly with what you have in mind for it. Whether it is cookware or bakeware, choose enough braisers, pie dishes, skillets or frying pans and big and mini ramekins for your use. To accessorize, Choose classic or contemporary kitchen linens to suit your design.


For the Bathroom & Bedroom – Accessorize your bathroom & bedroom with all that you need. Again, choose the most perfect bathroom accessories according to the colour schemes you have chosen for the bathroom. Whether it is towels, little accessories like soap & lotion dispenser or bedsheets & cushions – put all that you can think of to curate your smart & elegant bedroom.For the Bathroom

The gifts that your guests choose on your wishlist can be used to curate your new home, with everything you need and want for your home thoughtfully presented to you by them.



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