Wedding Wishlist – New Concept?


The western concept of wedding wishlist is often perceived as completely new in India. Could the 21st century Indian couples embrace it? Is the concept of receiving preferred gifts from friends and family totally foreign to our custom?

We asked a few engaged couples about their views wedding gifting. Here is what we found. People associated typical wedding gifts with guests bringing brightly wrapped presents,  wrapped in myriads of shiny colours, handed at the reception. While food is served, each party goes up to the stage to congratulate the couple, present the gift and take a photograph with the newly weds.  This is the conventional wedding gift giving in India.

Let’s rewind about 50 years ago, to a typical family in India. It was traditional for elders in the family to buy household items for the couple to help them start their new life. The couple did not have to worry about buying anything right away, as their immediate needs were taken care of.  Depending on the price of these products, various members of the family (and close friends) either bought the product, or shared the cost with another person.


What are these high value goods given back then? Silver ware for the table, household items like bedding and furniture for their use, and household appliances. Sometimes, they were also given cattle wealth as part of the custom at that time. Most of the older members of the two families offered to buy one expensive item which would then be consolidated and sent to the couple’s new home.

Is it a coincidence or does this age old system bear some resemblance to the western concept of a wedding wishlist? Essentially, it is the same concept – friends and family buying gifts for the new couple, which would be of immense help to them in starting their new life. Somewhere along the line, we got carried away with the idea of packaging and started paying less attention to what was inside, or whether it would even be useful for the couple.


Wedding Wishlist is simply a new and thoughtful gifting process where as guests, we ask – what would the new couple need to start their life? Can they receive gifts from their guests that are not only useful for them, but will become memories? Because that’s what happens when you give something functionally relevant – your gift is well appreciated, serves a need, and remembered for a long time. Thankfully, Wedding Wishlist provides the answer when the couple registers for their preferred products as gifts – a foolproof way of gifting for the couple and the guests!




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