Make Gift Registering Fun !


“Two heads are better than one”


When you are aiming to start a Gift Wishlist , you may think that it may be a daunting task. Fear not! It can be daunting especially when you think about the expected number of guests coming to your wedding and to make sure that you have enough gifts on your Wishlist. Who can you involve in this task of choosing gifts? Here is a little guide that will help you undertake this exciting task head on.

Involve your Fiance – In the task of choosing gifts it’s always better to involve your fiancé in the process. Usually, boys think that choosing gifts in a wedding wishlist is a girly task to undertake.They could not be more wrong. Choosing products for the home is the responsibility of both the husband and the wife. Afterall, the home is going to be shared by both.I’ve seen a great instance where a friend’s husband delegated setting up the home to his wife, my friend, only to find the interiors done in pink and delicate lace linens, when he returned home after work .

It clashed completely with his masculine taste of interiors. When it comes to setting up your home, balance is everything! This doesn’t have to be a battle of the sexes. This is a great reason why the husband and the wife has to be involved in the process of choosing gifts in the gift wishlist.



Make it fun:

– Set up a fun evening with soft drinks and snacks and invite your fiancé over to your place      to register for gifts. Go through it together!

– Don’t look at it as a task. Its basically shopping without having to spend money. That’s fun!

– After registering for gifts, go out for a dinner or a movie date!



Involve your  – Want to involve your parents in the decision of choosing gifts? That’s a great idea. Parents will have great insights on what is required for your future home. They will be able to provide you and your partner with great advices and tips about many products.After the wedding, you may not have the opportunity of spending a lot of quality time with your parents. So creating a gift wishlist with their help, is a fun bonding session that you can engage them in, over the weekend.


Involve your cohorts – Just like the case of spending time with parents, after your wedding it may take a while till you are able to spend some good quality time with your besties. So why not choose to register for gifts with your favourite people?

Make it fun : Plan a pyjama party at your place with lots of junk food, ice creams and cosmopolitans! Think Sex &the City. Think window shopping madness with friends – all at you pyjama party.

The only advice here is : Make sure your Gift Wishlist list is ready and that you are 100%happy with your choices on the list before the cosmos and the margaritas start flowing in. After all ladies, we don’t want your gifts to be a result of a drunken disorderly night!

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