Paradigm Shift – Wise Wedding and Gifting Concepts

In the Golden Olden days, marriages were predominantly need-based – arranged (by parents) where the bride and the groom just give their consent (sometimes namesake) to their parents; marriages were formal and strict with rituals while ensuring the groom’s side is well taken care of and no displeasure is created by any chance.


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How to Register for the Gifts of your Choice



Who best knows about the new life you are entering into after your wedding – you do! What a joy it is to be able to choose every piece of furniture, home décor and kitchen gadgets in your new home after your wedding day! It can also be a daunting task.Thankfully, you can finally communicate your preferences of gifts picked carefully by you but thoughtfully bought by your guests for your wedding. Yes, this was a task one didn’t have to worry about in the past due to traditional reasons. But the times have changed. Our living spaces are a lot smaller and every resource is valuable – even the gifts you receive on your wedding day should be the very things that you use in your new home!

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