Swoon-worthy Honeymoon Destinations – Where Should YOU Go?

romantic-wedding-couple-1434873_960_720After months and months of planning and preparation, it’s almost time for your big day. You’ve got the perfect venue, a great caterer, a long guest list – you’ve managed to tick almost all the boxes. All that’s left is choosing the perfect honeymoon spot. Everybody has a long list of places they’d like to visit, but choosing a honeymoon destination is a special endeavour. You will be making memories that you’re going to treasure forever, and it’s quite literally the first journey you’ll take together as a married couple. Sounds important? It is! Here are some of our top honeymoon destinations for newlyweds

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Wedding Wishlist Couple: Divya & Vinaayak

There’s something magical about a love that stood the test of time and distance. Between Divya and Vinaayak, they have lived in “three continents between us” since they first met in school. They’ve come a long way from SMS-ing each other (texting, for you young ‘uns) all day (and barely being able to look each other in the eye in person). But those early 160-character love notes are what really set the course for their relationship – best friends who are also life partners. Continue Reading