Group Gifting Online, Come Together For Something Special!

You’ve signed up for your own Wedding Wishlist. Now, all that’s left is for you to choose the gifts themselves. Plenty of brides and grooms try to take the finances of their friends and families into consideration while making their Wishlists. Though that’s a sweet gesture, it defeats the purpose of having a Wishlist entirely! The whole point is to ask for what you need rather than what you think people would like to give you. Do you want mounds of unusable silverware and plaques? Didn’t think so!  We wouldn’t either. 

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No More Awkwardness in Asking Your Wedding Gifts that You Want


I remember 20 years back when I was getting married our very close Punjabi relatives and friends had no awkwardness in asking my parent’s frankly about the gift they should be bringing for my wedding. Their intent was three-pronged, one not to give something that would go waste, second not to duplicate any gift and three was to lessen the economic burden of the newly married couple. Some of the gifts that we got in our wedding until today are very dear & precious to my wife and me.

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Paradigm Shift – Wise Wedding and Gifting Concepts

In the Golden Olden days, marriages were predominantly need-based – arranged (by parents) where the bride and the groom just give their consent (sometimes namesake) to their parents; marriages were formal and strict with rituals while ensuring the groom’s side is well taken care of and no displeasure is created by any chance.


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