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Have you pondered over what could be the best possible way of keeping track of wedding gifts, and sending each guest a thank you note for their gifts?

Thanking guests for wedding gifts after a wedding is often a tedious task to undertake, yet it is important to let them know that their time & effort has been well appreciated and has not gone unnoticed. Here’s a look at what happens in the traditional wedding gift giving setting.

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In a Hindu wedding, where there are different ceremonies, guests bring gifts and present it at any of the 2-3 days of wedding festivities. Depending on when their ability to attend all the functions or only some of them, guests may choose to hand over gifts based on their convenience. This results in an accumulation of gifts over a period of time, which can make keeping track of these harder to do. Most of the gifts are presented on the wedding day, at the reception ceremony. Before or after dinner, guests go up to the couple standing on the stage to greet them on their wedding day and to shower their blessings. The gifts are usually handed over to the couple who then keep it in an allocated gift area. A recent news story reported how a thief managed to abscond with all the gifts from the gift area!


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After the craziness of the wedding, the couple may have to write a list of all the gifts that were received and the corresponding details of each giver. This is to ensure that every giver is sent a thoughtful thank you note for blessing them with their presence on their special day and for their thoughtful gift.

However, there usually is a glitch seen at this stage – a lot of the gifts may not have details of the giver. Sometimes people forget to mention their names on the gift, or gift cards and tags fall off or get mixed up.

This causes a great deal of confusion, and rather spending time playing detective, the couple will usually instead choose to just accept the gift and not bother about thanking anyone for it.

Wedding Wishlist has a very savvy answer to this problem. Every couple has a gift tracker that maintains a list of all the gifts that are purchased in part or full by any guest. So the thank you section enables you to view the list of gift with the corresponding giver and create a lovely thank you note for each of them. This ensures that each guest receives a thank you note for their blessings.

tyGoodbye hotchpotch thank yous. The Wishlist makes all this easier for any couple. Simply print the list of gifts along with the names of the people who contributed towards them and you have a one stop solution to thank your guests.

Wedding Wishlist makes the process even smoother, by giving couples who register on the site a set of personalized notecards. Couples can then send out their notes on premium cards with their names on it.


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