The Wedding Wishlist Story

Wedding Wishlist Story

It all began with a conversation. One that took place with a frustrated friend. Frustrated because she had just opened the seventh box containing a figurine she neither cared for, nor could take back home with her.

“Too big, too bright, too…everything” she said, as she sighed at the weight of the wedding gift in her arms. Soumya and Darren had married in India, but were going back to Singapore where they were settling down and starting a new life. Rather than rejoicing in their post matrimony bliss, they were stressed out at the prospect of dealing with box after box of one redundant gift after the other.



Their story is not an isolated one. Every day, couples are getting married and are tormented by the unnecessary gifts they receive at the end of their nuptials. The guests attending are usually equally frazzled, and are left with last minute options or recycled gifts.

Thus, the idea of a one stop destination for both newly engaged couples and their guests was born. One where the couple could decide

              What they wanted    How they wanted it       Where they wanted it

Guests too could rejoice in the plethora of options, and decide

             Which gift to choose      How much to contribute      Where to send it

It seemed like a no brainer. In a world where people want practical over idealistic, Wedding Wishlist offers a chance for newlywed couples to start their life with objects and experiences that they can truly feel happy about. Friends and family can take great pleasure in knowing that their gift will be immediately useful, and long remembered.

What makes a gift truly special is not the surprise element. The initial excitement will fade, and what will determine the true value of the gift is how apt it is for the receiver. At Wedding Wishlist, our goal is to help bridge the gift divide, and to create a gifting experience that is functional, pleasurable and most importantly, truly memorable.




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