In Conversation With Wedding Invite Designer, Harpriya Singh

As a thumb rule, one invests heavy cash and a number of hours in getting all the details on point for their wedding. From jewelry to the venue, every couple ensures that there is nothing lacking. Lately, couples are also lending their creativity to their wedding invites. From the gorgeous silver cases to intricately designed silk potli bags, today wedding invites are more than just an insignia of formality. Confused about what kind of wedding invite to go for, who better than Delhi-based Harpriya Singh, who specializes in customized wedding invitations to seek some advice from. 

By Anupam Dabral

Latest Wedding Invitation Trends

She gives us tips on how to go about the game and what things should one keep in mind while picking up a wedding invite design. 

Could you tell us about the latest wedding invitation trends? How have the tastes of your clients evolved over the years when it comes wedding invites. 

H.S: Trends are actually very subjective to the family and the couple. Where for some quirky invites may work, others prefer formal minimal invites where some want to go with fun floral invites. So for us, all styles are always in trend :). However, clients’ tastes have moved away from loud ostentatious invites to simple and elegant invites. They’re also willing to experiment more with colors, themes, and even the wedding favor to go along with the invite.

Haripriya Singh Customized Wedding Invitations

Tell us a little about your process of making customized wedding invitations? 

H.S: Almost all our invites are customized to the client’s needs. We do have a collection of invites for them to browse through so they can decide on elements like paper texture, size etc. Once the basic details are sorted a custom invite is designed with the client’s theme in mind. A lot of our clients are living overseas, with them we do the entire design process via emails, including the custom designed invitation cards.

Frangipani Beach Invite

With so many invitation services available what makes you different? 

H.S: I would say that our signature style is, “Simple, Elegant, & Beautiful Designs” all our creations revolve around these three core principles. 

Customized Wedding Invitations



Another very important aspect of Design by Harpriya Singh is the personal interaction with all the clients. What helps in making us different is that we work on quality over quantity. I personally meet the couple and family, so there is no gap in communication. I like to meet the bride or the groom to understand a bit about the couple & their personality and try & reflect that through our designs. 

Laser Cut Invite


You are known for your personalized themes and distinctive details, tell us what inspires you to create these special invites? 

H.S: My inspiration for my designs is all around me. I take inspiration from nature, the way a flower looks against a bright blue sky, the riot of colors on the streets, from the state of mind I am in and most importantly from the story behind the couple whose wedding invite we are designing.

Custom Design Invitation Cards

What are a few factors that one should keep in mind while getting their wedding invitation designed?

H.S: Where and when the event is – fresh spring themes or deep winter shades or a destination wedding – should reflect in the invite. It’s a must to go through guest lists and counts several times and always order a margin of extra cards (most families run short of invites just as the wedding is approaching!) It’s also important to involve the elders of the family and get their opinion on text, family names to include etc. 

Customized Wedding Invitations


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