When should you start a Wedding Wishlist?


Are you newly engaged? There are talks of a wedding in the family and the whole house is brewing with excitement after your engagement. Great! Now is the time to think about your favourite things – GIFTS!

Wedding Wishlist has made it possible for you to choose the gifts you need to start your new life as a couple together. When it comes to planning and executing a wedding, everything must be organised just like a symphony orchestra. Every minute detail should be spot-on and timed perfectly.

Here are the popular questions and their answers related to creating Wedding Registry:

1.When is the right time to start creating your Wedding Registry Checklist?


You are the right judge for that.

This will depend entirely on when you have set the date for your wedding.  So here’s a rough guide –

After your engagement – Engagements in India usually differ from state to state due to the different subcultures present in different parts of the country. If your engagement time is 6 months before your wedding then you have adequate time to create a beautiful profile, customise it and then be ready to communicate this to your guest. But remember..

The Wedding Wishlist should be communicated only after your invitations are out – Your Wishlist should be ready around the time when your invitations start going out. However, this must be communicated to the guests only once all the invitations have been received by guests, or you can make your Wishlist a part of your invite as well.. This will save you from an awkward instance of requesting a gift for a wedding they aren’t aware of. That brings us to the next question:


2.When should the Wishlist be communicated to my guests?


All you need to remember is that when you are contemplating the exciting task of picking gifts, you need to ensure that you have allocated adequate time after setting up the Wishlist, so that your guests are given enough time to browse through your Wishlist to find their favourite gift, out of your picks.

So, once the invitations are out, and there is at least a month left to the wedding, you are free to make the Wishlist, that you painstaking created, visible to your guests.

By sticking to these schedules with all these timings in place, you can never go wrong with the etiquettes involved in the creation of your wedding Wishlist to the final act of thanking your guests. You’ll realise what a wonderful wedding you’ve had, and you’re all set to enter this new phase of life with little to worry about.

Have a happy wedding day!



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