Meet Our ‘It’s Never Too Late Couple’ – Deepika & Vishwanath

If you’ve ever heard and sympathized with the phrase it’s never too late, then Deepika & Vishwanath’s (or DC and JC as they are affectionately called) story is one you’ll enjoy. This lovely couple has always had luck on their side – even in times of adversity.

How It All Began

These newlyweds were introduced by friends, and knew there was something special in the air right away. Vishwanath jokes that though Deepika kept him waiting for an hour at Amethyst at their first meeting, it was worth it; And the two of them are all set to start an all new journey together.

It’s never too late - says, Deepika & Vishwanath

They were introduced to the concept of Wedding Wishlist by a friend, and were intrigued about the service. Though initially skeptical about how their friends & family would perceive it, they took a leap of faith & decided to give it a shot. Their gamble has more than paid off!

At Wedding Wishlist, we usually tell you to create and share your wishlist in advance to ensure that you reach everyone on your guest list and give them time to choose your present. However, this time we were working against the clock, and had only three days to set things in motion. Despite the last minute nature of the quest – Deepika and Vishwanath’s family and friends rose to the occasion and ensured that they received everything they wanted and more!

Let’s Give It A Shot

Deepika reached out to WWL three days before her big day and was unsure if it was worth creating and sharing a wishlist so close to the event. Luckily, she decided to take a chance on us.

Deepika & JC Vishwanath

By 12pm their wishlist was up, their Save The Date messages had been sent out, and people were already starting to investigate their registry. By the time the bride had finished putting on her mehendi, 5 gifts had already been purchased for the happy couple. Loved ones from all over the globe were delighting in the opportunity to send them something, and by the end of day 1, 8 or 9 gifts had been purchased.

The wishlist was so successful that they ended up adding more items to it. From a washing machine to travel vouchers, it was clear that everyone who received the list was keen on contributing to their futures. In fact, people were still buying presents on the day of their wedding, and now, three weeks later, they’re still receiving gifts.

Beating The Odds

Unfortunately, their wedding plans were set back by the Jallikattu protests in Chennai. Only half the invited guests made it to the wedding ceremony. Out of the 1000 people invited to their reception, only 300 made it to the venue. However, Deepika & Vishwanath didn’t allow this to ruin their day, they made the most of the situation and had a lovely intimate celebration.

Deepika & JC Viswanath Wishlist

The Unlikely Saving Grace

Wedding Wishlist was the unlikely hero of the day! Because of the troubled situation, very few people were able to purchase and give them presents. They only received 9 gifts on their actual wedding day. Thankfully, their friends and family more than made up for it on their online registry and Deepika & Vishwanath were able to leave for their honeymoon with that knowledge.

Once they got back from their getaway, WWL sent all the gifts over to their house. Gifts were beautifully wrapped and ready to be opened. They were surprised and thrilled with how practical and easy the service was to use. We at Wedding Wishlist are so glad that we got to contribute to their happiness, and helped make their experience a more memorable one. Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey, DC and JC!

Meet Our Always Adventurous Couple – Sudeeptha & Vishnu

There’s something to be said for finding the right person to share your life with. In Sudeeptha and Vishnu’s case, their paths crossed several times with hilarious consequences before they decided to make a go of it. Their journey together hasn’t always been easy, but this Wedding Wishlist couple are the real deal.

You’re The One That I Want


To paraphrase Shakespeare, the course of true love doesn’t always run smoothly. Vishnu says, “We could begin our story by telling you how we both knew that we were the respective ‘Ones’ for each other right from the start. We could tell you that it was love at first sight. We could tell you that ours was a beautiful romance, meant to be from the start. Of course, we would be lying through our teeth.”

Though they humorously tell friends and family that Vishnu had to ask her to marry him four times, there’s logic behind their laughter. Vishnu explains, “One of the things we both agree on is that marriage itself is a very grown up thought. I didn’t ask until I was sure I was ready, Sudeeptha did not agree until she was sure I was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Our friends all warned us that our lives were going to change, but when you meet the right person, you don’t mind that change. You don’t run away from it. You welcome it with open arms and walk into the next stage of adulthood hand in hand.”

What’s Love Got To Do With It?


Like any other couple, the two had to compromise on several things to make their relationship work. Vishnu elaborates, “Our relationship has had its rocky moments; we’ve had the traditional clashing mindsets and differing viewpoints on almost everything. Idealistic thoughts vs. more realistic ones, conforming to norms, strong individual likes and dislikes. Despite it all, as we sat through the wisecracks made by the pandits during the wedding ceremony, we both knew that we were embarking on our own little adventure and that it was going to be epic.”


With this strong foundation, it’s not surprising that they’re a practical couple. Their wishlist is a mix of fun decorative items and pragmatic purchases. However, there is no doubt that each piece will be used to make their new house a home.

My Wish Came True

currimbhoys-knife-setSudeeptha and Vishnu’s wishlist has everything required to set up a new home – from the TV (everyone needs some screen time) to the coffee maker (we all need that caffeine fix). They have favored practical items over luxury ones. Vishnu says, “Our Wedding Wishlist covered a few tools that we would need in our opening months as a married couple. We could have gone for holidays, expensive trinkets or vanity items. Instead, we put up items that we knew we would need, items which will be useful in our new lives together.”

morphy-richards-24l-r-ss-otg-ovenWhat made them choose Wedding Wishlist to add to their happily ever after? The groom says, “We saw the Wishlist as a way to make sure that we got what we really wanted, a way for our friends and families to not have to rack their brains and end up buying us statuettes or dishes or crock pots – yes, we got many of those too. Wedding Wishlist helped us get what we want, and for that, we want to say a big thank you.”

Thank YOU for letting us be a part of your next big chapter, Sudeeptha and Vishnu. From all of us at Wedding Wishlist – Happy Valentine’s Month! May you have many more happy ones!

Meet Our Practical Magic Couple – Muthu & Rangashree

‘Practical Magic’ is a phrase that might seem like too much of a contradiction to apply to any couple. Well, Muthu and Rangashree have proved us wrong. This lighthearted and quirky couple are both pragmatic and fun – a great combination in our books!

Muthu and Rangashree

Muthu and Rangashree

Instead of opting for extravagant luxury items (though we love those too!), Muthu and Rangashree made some smart choices based on their circumstances. We’ve broken them down so that you can too:

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Meet Our ‘Trips Over Toasters’ Couple – Runjhun & Ankush

When you first meet Runjhun and Ankush, you get the impression that the formality and ceremony of the wedding was secondary to their enjoyment of it. An attitude we can get behind! They were looking for a way to avoid receiving tedious gifts – hideous wall clocks, numerous giant Ganeshas, and ugly lamps – and we were only too happy to help!

Making A List, Checking It Twice

Runjhun explains, “We’d heard of the concept of Wedding Wishlist all across the globe, but not in India. Then I heard from a few friends that the concept was in India as well.” The timing was perfect, and suited their needs. She says, smiling, “We think it’s worked for us.”

Not wanting to clutter their new home in Bangalore with things they didn’t really need, Runjhun said that creating a Wedding Wishlist was a simple yet effective solution. “We had the option of choosing what we needed while setting up the house. Be it the kitchen, be it the home furnishings or anything for personal use.”

Wishlist Couples - Runjhun & Ankush

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Meet Amit and Sriranjani – Wedding Wishlist Couple

What do a film star and an RJ have in common? Well, a happily-ever-after for starters. When Amit Bhargav and Sriranjini Sundaram first crossed paths, little did they realise that it would be the start of something truly special. An aspiring actor, Amit moved to Chennai to break into films. To hone his skills, he signed up for a theatre workshop where he met Sriranjini. Their love story began with a rich and supportive friendship – the foundation upon which they’ve built their relationship. After a long courtship (across states and countries), they finally decided, as Sriranjini says, “to put a ring on it”.

Amit Bhargav and Sriranjini Sundaram

Amit Bhargav and Sriranjini Sundaram

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Wedding Wishlist Couple: Divya & Vinaayak

There’s something magical about a love that stood the test of time and distance. Between Divya and Vinaayak, they have lived in “three continents between us” since they first met in school. They’ve come a long way from SMS-ing each other (texting, for you young ‘uns) all day (and barely being able to look each other in the eye in person). But those early 160-character love notes are what really set the course for their relationship – best friends who are also life partners. Continue Reading