Meet Amit and Sriranjani – Wedding Wishlist Couple

What do a film star and an RJ have in common? Well, a happily-ever-after for starters. When Amit Bhargav and Sriranjini Sundaram first crossed paths, little did they realise that it would be the start of something truly special. An aspiring actor, Amit moved to Chennai to break into films. To hone his skills, he signed up for a theatre workshop where he met Sriranjini. Their love story began with a rich and supportive friendship – the foundation upon which they’ve built their relationship. After a long courtship (across states and countries), they finally decided, as Sriranjini says, “to put a ring on it”.

Amit Bhargav and Sriranjini Sundaram

Amit Bhargav and Sriranjini Sundaram

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Wedding Wishlist Couple: Divya & Vinaayak

There’s something magical about a love that stood the test of time and distance. Between Divya and Vinaayak, they have lived in “three continents between us” since they first met in school. They’ve come a long way from SMS-ing each other (texting, for you young ‘uns) all day (and barely being able to look each other in the eye in person). But those early 160-character love notes are what really set the course for their relationship – best friends who are also life partners. Continue Reading