Group Gifting Online, Come Together For Something Special!

You’ve signed up for your own Wedding Wishlist. Now, all that’s left is for you to choose the gifts themselves. Plenty of brides and grooms try to take the finances of their friends and families into consideration while making their Wishlists. Though that’s a sweet gesture, it defeats the purpose of having a Wishlist entirely! The whole point is to ask for what you need rather than what you think people would like to give you. Do you want mounds of unusable silverware and plaques? Didn’t think so!  We wouldn’t either. 

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Wedding Website: How It Works & Why You Need One

It’s finally close enough to your big day to start sending out invites, reminders, and, of course, your wedding wishlist! With all the wedding planning information being dispersed, it’s easy to overlook small details or just forget to send it to someone (even if they’re important to you). Avoid alienating your friends and family by keeping things very simple – consolidate all your information in one place – your wedding website!

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Should You Use Wedding Thank You Card? You MUST!

wedding thank you card

Unlike saying ‘sorry’, thanking people is an altogether easier and more pleasant endeavour. Thank you cards are the perfect way to show your appreciation, especially if you’re the recipient of a lot of love (and presents!). Use wedding thank you card to thank your guests.

Wedding Wishlist is introducing the perfect way to thank someone. Once you’ve signed up for your own wishlist, you will have access to several exciting features on our website, of which the thank you cards are the latest. So, how does it work?

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Make Gift Registering Fun !


“Two heads are better than one”


When you are aiming to start a Gift Wishlist , you may think that it may be a daunting task. Fear not! It can be daunting especially when you think about the expected number of guests coming to your wedding and to make sure that you have enough gifts on your Wishlist. Who can you involve in this task of choosing gifts? Here is a little guide that will help you undertake this exciting task head on.

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How to Register for the Gifts of your Choice



Who best knows about the new life you are entering into after your wedding – you do! What a joy it is to be able to choose every piece of furniture, home décor and kitchen gadgets in your new home after your wedding day! It can also be a daunting task.Thankfully, you can finally communicate your preferences of gifts picked carefully by you but thoughtfully bought by your guests for your wedding. Yes, this was a task one didn’t have to worry about in the past due to traditional reasons. But the times have changed. Our living spaces are a lot smaller and every resource is valuable – even the gifts you receive on your wedding day should be the very things that you use in your new home!

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