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A home is an amalgam of love and life, and should reflect the attitude and style of the occupants – especially that of the homemaker. That is the simple logic that inspires the Seven Seas range of products, which brings a touch of international class to your home – by importing stylish, smart and superb kitchenware and household items. The Seven Seas range is powered by Ramson and King Metal, two companies who are icons of trust and quality. With an experience of over three decades in Indian and international markets, both companies have a deep understanding of the kitchen and its unique requirements. These industry leaders have now joined hands to augment their product range with a selection of best-selling kitchenware and household goods from around the world.

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Thin Stainless Steel Grater
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₹ 406
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4 Sided Stainless Steel Grater
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₹ 812
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