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Shipping Information


Shipping information – time to ship is mentioned for each product when you shop. Certain gifts are shipped by Wedding Wishlist, and others by our supplier partners. Who ships your product will be communicated to you when your order is confirmed.

Our shipping charges vary by product. Large appliances for instance, can cost as much as 5% while smaller gifts should cost less. In all cases, Wedding Wishlist subsidises your shipping costs so you pay only part of this.

We ship anywhere in India. Well most places anyway… if you live in a remote, unreachable place, please call us at +91 87545 50002.

To the marrying couple, we also offer the option of delivering their gifts as they are purchased, or all at once after the wedding. They decide on the preferred option when setting up their Wishlist. We do not offer Cash On Delivery as a payment option.

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