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With more than 500+ beautiful wedding card designs, we offer the most extensive selection of cards for marriages to birthdays and anniversaries. Digital wedding card invitations are the new hassle-free, eco-friendly way to announce a wedding! Our invitation designs have been carefully curated, focusing on beautiful themes and stylish illustrations and distinctive elements. Want something unique? You can custom-design a wedding invitation card. Email and let us create an invitation card for your wedding!

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the template from our list of digital wedding invite, sign-up and then click on the appropriate text box to update the content in your invite card. Once you are done, click on 'preview' to save the changes. You can also customise your invite after purchase by editing it in the invite dashboard.

Click on a text box in the invite and then click on pencil icon, where you can view options of increasing/decreasing in your wedding invitation card

Yes, you have the option of adding upto 3 extra pages to Multi-page wedding invitation templates for a cost of 300 INR.

If you are using a desktop/laptop, hover over the profile icon and click on 'My invites'. You can view, edit and save your digital wedding card.
If you are using a mobile, click on the 3 horizontal lines on top right corner, then click on Account info and then 'My Invites'.

Once you have edited your purchased wedding e card, click on the 'Download' button at the bottom of the page. Then, click on the 'Download Invite' button.
*Please note that once clicked on the 'Downlaod' button, you won't be able to edit your invite. So make sure you finalize the content.

You will receive the wedding card templates in the following format:
Single page invites - PNG,
Animated invites - GIF,
Multi-page invites - Consolidated PDF,
Video invite - MP4

Write to us with your content details in document format, after purchasing the marriage card invite you like. We will update invite content in your regional language in the digital wedding invitation card for a basic customisation fee.

Yes, You can change the font style and font colour in your marriage invitation card. Click on a text box in the invite and then click on pencil icon, where you can view options of changing font style and font color

Yes, You can add upto two extra text boxes to your online indian wedding card maker. In the invite editor, click on the plus icon at the bottom right of the page and then click on 'Add text'