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About Us

Your Wedding day is the once in a lifetime special moment, the day you dreamt about your entire life. It’s your special day, and as two lives become one- there’s only enough space for Aesthetic décor, Delicious cuisine and Unforgettable moments.

At Elegant Weddings, we both have always been passionate about this magical day and fulfill our dreams by helping young ‘Elegant’ couples enjoy their special day in Ease & Style. With our experience & passion, a charming and successful wedding can be planned at your budget and convenience.

Our attention to detail is one of our strengths and ensures that guests and the couple are always finding interesting corners and surprises through the event. Every wedding is a masterpiece, so all you need to do is just tell us your dream and sit back and marvel at how it unfolds into reality!

Our Services
Wedding Concept, Design, Decor & Theme
Budget management
Wedding Communication
Guest management
Venue Selection
Music & Entertainment
Photography & Video
Catering and Menu Selection
Bridal Hair, Apparel & Accessories and Makeup
Customized Honeymoon Packages
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The Team
Roxabell Gomez
Greever Gomez
Tina Rosario
Customer Reviews

Your works are truly mesmerizing!! The depth at which minute details and client needs are taken care of, is praiseworthy ❤

-Melita Georgina Fernandes

Very aptly named, Elegant Weddings ensures that your wedding is elegant, beautiful and classy. Great work on decorating the church.

-Jyoti Sharma

Beautiful!! i didn't realize i was seeing the same photos over and over again... Kept looking until I had seen the album more than thrice!

-Valene Varela

Elegant Weddings team has done a beautiful work; I take this opportunity to thank the Team in making it a special day, and special thanks to Roxy, Tina and Grever.

-Aquil Abbas
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