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Group Gifting

Want to give the newly-weds something really special on their big day? We have the perfect solution - gift together to multiply the joy and split the cost!

Why Group Gift?

If you like to think big, this is the perfect option for you. Here's is Why Group Gifting is just the best:
  • It's the perfect excuse to get together with your friends and do something fun!
  • We take care of all the coordination, so there's no need for rock, paper, scissors on who'll do the leg work
  • No more IOU's - each person gets their own link and makes their own payment!
  • And most importantly, the couple will love your splurge-worthy choice
  • Don't want to wait for others? No problem! You can contribute any amount you like towards any gift on the couple's registry and they will be notified of the same.
How it Works

How It Works?

Customer Stories

My friend Rohit is a cycling enthusiast, so we wanted to gift him a cycling experience in Tuscany. However, it was over a lakh, well beyond any of our individual budgets. So a bunch of us college friends got together and gifted it as a group. It was absurdly simple - each one contributed what he/she wanted, there were no 'I owe you's' and Rohit received the memory of a lifetime!

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