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We’ve got the answers

Making your wedding planning easy starts here! If you have any questions about our services, you’ll find the answers below
We’ve got the answers
Making your wedding planning easy starts here! If you have any questions about our services, you’ll find the answers below


What is a wedding gift registry?

A gift registry, is a service where prospective couples can register for the gifts they want on their wedding from friends and family, ensuring that every gift they receive is both meaningful and useful.

The couple’s registry serves as a guide for the guests who can choose a gift that appeals to them as well as fits into their budget. They can also send personalised messages with the gifts. As guests shop, the couple can use the Gift Tracker to review purchases and contributions.

How does the Registry work?

The couple can choose the gifts they like from our website, be it products, gift cards or experiences, and add them to their Registry. They can also add gifts from other websites by copy pasting the URL to their Registry. Once they have added everything they like, they can share the link with guests, who can buy or contribute towards anything on this list.

From there on, we take over. Wedding Wishlist coordinates, notifies, packs and delivers the gifts to the couple, at a time and place convenient to them. Watch this video to see how a registry works:

Can we include products or gifts from other sites on our Registry?

Yes, you can include products from major e-tailers like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal by copy-pasting the product URL to your Registry. For products from other websites, you can write to our team at with the shortlisted product links and we’ll add it to your registry for you.

Do you offer cash registries?

Yes, we offer cash registries .

How does a cash registry work?

It’s really simple. You simply start a fund for your guests to contribute to. Guests can make a payment online, and we transfer the money to your account as per your preference. We charge an agency fee of ₹ 2.56 % on all transactions in addition to GST. Only for cash registries, international credit cards cannot be used. You can read the detailed terms & conditions to know more.

Can Wedding Wishlist send reminders to my guests?

Yes, if you create your Registry or invite with us, and share your guest details, we can send them gentle reminders about your wedding date and gifts purchased.

Do you offer any Gifts Cards, so that I can use it after my wedding based on my situation?

Yes, we offer gift cards from leading retailers. You can check out our Gift Cards category for more details at

We like the concept. But, we don't need Registry as we are opting for a charity wedding.

At Wedding Wishlist, we are aligned with many charities that your guests can contribute to. You can browse through our charities at If you wish to list a charity we do not have on our website, you can let us know the details of your charity and we would be happy to list it for you.

How do I thank my guests for their wedding gifts?

If you have registered for our Registry, we offer a free thank-you cards service where you can send personalised notes to all your guests.

Can I create two separate registries for my wedding guests, one for my friends and one for family?

Yes, you can create two separate registries to suit your requirements. You can also have a friend or family member create a Registry for you, if they like.

I will be living abroad after the wedding. Can you deliver gifts internationally?

If you are living abroad, the registry is very valid for you. Below are the following options you can go for:

  • You can add gifts from online stores that deliver to your city on your registry. Once guests purchase, we can have these gifts delivered to your address.
  • You can add a holiday, some traditional Indian items or gift cards to your registry which are valid globally. These can also be added to your gift registry with Wedding Wishlist.
Is there a price range that you recommend is most apt for group gifts?

This depends entirely on your guests’ budgets. We offer a group gifting option on all our products, be it a kitchen appliance or a holiday package. However, we feel, group gifts work best in items that cost anything over ₹10,000.

Can I opt for eco-friendly packaging for all my gifts? If so, when can I notify the Wedding Wishlist team of my request?

Yes you can. You can call us on +91 87545 50002 after the first transaction on your Registry, and inform us about the same.

How long can you hold my gifts for?

Most couples ask for their gifts to be delivered immediately after their honeymoon. However, we can hold your gifts for 3-4 weeks post your wedding. In special circumstances, you can call us for an extension.

Is my personal information, as well as that of guests who purchase gifts for me, safe?

Yes, completely. All information is confidential, and we treat it as such.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes, completely. We do not save your credit card data. All of our transactions are channeled through a third party server that is 100% secure.

Can we make a Registry for another, non-wedding occasion?

At the moment, Wedding Wishlist is focused on Registries for weddings. This may change in the future; if it does, we will let you know! Please write to to stay in touch.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we only ship within the India. However, we do accept international credit cards so your international guests can shop from anywhere!

After receiving a gift, I realise I don’t like it, can I return/exchange it?

Return policy varies by product and supplier, and is determined on a case-by-case basis. If you have an item that you would like to return/exchange, please call us at +91 87545 50002 as soon as you can.

Does Wedding Wishlist offer an app?

Yes, we have a Vowed Wedding App, where your guests can share information, get all guest images in one gallery, chat, comment and make announcements, all with just a click. You can get more details at

How can I buy gifts for my friends from their Gift Registry?

It’s really simple. You just have to visit their unique Wishlist link, see their gift selection, choose what you would like to gift them and make a purchase. We also offer the option of contribution, where you can actually contribute an amount of your choice towards any gift, and once there are enough contributions to complete the amount, we send the gift to the couple. Alternatively, you can initiate a group gift, where you and your friends can jointly contribute towards getting a gift of a higher value, and buy it for the couple as a group. In all the above circumstances, we inform the couple of each guest’s contribution and good wishes.

Can I buy a gift for someone who doesn’t have a Registry?
Can I shop for someone even if I have not been invited to their Registry?

Yes you can, assuming that their Registry is public, You can ‘Find their Registry’ by searching for bride’s or groom’s name on, view what they still need and purchase whatever appeals to you as well as suits your budget.

How do I find a Registry?

Easy. Click on ‘Find Registry’ by searching for bride’s or groom’s name on If you are unable to view a Registry, it could be because the couple has yet to create/share it, or they have made it private. You can also request the couple for their Registry URL.

Does the gift get delivered to me or directly to the couple?

At Wedding Wishlist, we offer complete flexibility in this regard. If you wish to give the gift personally, we can have it delivered to you directly. However, we also offer the option of shipping all the gifts together to the couple on a date of their choice.

How do I pay for these gifts? Is there cash on delivery?

At this point, we only offer the option of online payments. You can choose to pay by credit card, debit card, or net banking.

After buying a gift, I realise I don’t like it. Can I return/exchange it?

Return policy varies by product and supplier, and is determined on a case-by-case basis. If you have an item that you would like to return/exchange, please call us at +91 87545 50002 as soon as you can.

Group gifts and contributions towards gifts cannot be returned or cancelled.

I would like to send the couple a card with my wishes. How do I do that?

We send any message you may have for the couple along with the gift. We also offer the option of having the gift shipped to the couple and a card sent to you, which you can give the couple on their wedding day.

Do you offer giftwrap?

Not for everything. Some things are not possible to giftwrap. In these cases, a gift card will accompany the gifts. We will giftwrap whenever we can!

Can others see the gift I purchase?

No. What you choose to gift is between you and the marrying couple. No one else has visibility to it.

Will I know when my gift gets delivered?

Yes. You will receive a delivery confirmation email once your gift is delivered.

How long will my gift take to reach?

This depends on two things:

  • Delivery time, which varies for each product
  • Delivery preference of the marrying couple – whether they would like to receive gifts as they are purchased, or all together after the wedding. Whatever the case, we will send a delivery confirmation to you once your gift is delivered.
I live abroad. Can I order a gift from a Registry?

We accept international credit cards, so guests living abroad and easily participate in the couple’s Registry and order gifts.

There isn’t anything left for me to gift on the Registry. What should I do now?

If the Registry has been completely purchased, you can choose from the extensive range of products available on the website. Alternatively, we can contact the couple and ask them to add more products to their Registry.

Do I have to choose a gift from the Registry? What if I don’t like anything?

There are times that one might find the unpurchased gifts remaining on a Registry uninspiring. In this case, you can use the Registry as an indication of what the couple wants, and order something they might like by ‘browsing gifts’ in Wedding Wishlist. If you have trouble, please call us at +91 87545 50002 or write to, and we will do our best to help you!

What are the payment methods supported?

We accept credit cards (Visa & Mastercard, domestic and international), debit cards and Netbanking. If your preferred payment method is not supported, please call us at +91 87545 50002 or write to, and we will do our best to help you!

What’s the difference between a group gift and contribution?

You can contribute towards any gift you like on the couple’s Registry. The contribution can be worth any amount of your choosing, and once enough people contribute, the couple will get the gift.

However, if you are a group of friends or family, you may decide to give a gift together. In this case, you can create a group, and invite others to join in the group gift by contributing an amount of your choice towards it.

Can I contribute towards a gift on a Registry?

Yes you can contribute any amount towards any gift of the couple’s Registry.

A few of us want to get together give a group gift; is that possible?

Absolutely! You or your group can choose what you would like to gift from the couple’s Registry. One of you can create a group gift and invite others to join in. All invited group members will receive an invite, and can make gift card contributions to the group gift. We will track all member contributions and keep you abreast. When the final contribution is made, your gift will be ordered and processed. To know more about group gifting, visit

If I contribute to a Group Gift, will the couple know?

Absolutely! If you opt to contribute a gift card towards a Group Gift on a Registry, the couple will receive details of individual contributions via their Gift Tracker as well as the card that accompanies the group gift.


What is a Wedding Website?

If you’re getting married, you can create a customised wedding website for you and your partner. This is the latest trend in weddings. It will help you share the story of how you met, and let your guests know about all the wedding details like venues, functions and timings.

How is a wedding website different from a wedding invitation?

A wedding website is a much more elaborate form of invitation which includes not just your function details but also pictures, story and other information. It is also a dynamic platform where guests can RSVP or leave you messages.

Is this service charged?

No, the wedding website is free. However, if you wish to customise the existing design, you will be charged depending on the extent of customisation. You can get details from our wedding experts by calling us on +91 87545 50002 or writing to us at

Can I customise my website?

Yes, you can choose from one of our many templates and customise it by adding your pictures, details and information. We currently offer 20 wedding website themes ranging from traditional Ganesha and Om to contemporary florals and hearts. You can change templates or choose an alternate design at any point after purchase.

Can I remove the gift registry section from my website?

While we highly recommend you add the gift registry to your website, if you're sure you don't want one, our team can remove this for you at a customisation cost of Rs 2,000. This would take 1 working day to be live.

Can I change the default pictures on the theme?

Absolutely! It’s your website and you can add as many pictures that you want on it.

What is the Registry tab on the website?

The Registry tab is a free gift registry that you can create with your website. Through this, you can elegantly let your guests know what gifts you would like to receive on your wedding. They can browse and buy or contribute towards any gift here with just a click! And we’ll have it delivered to you, when you want and where you want.

Can you create more than one website for me on Wedding Wishlist?

Yes, if you wish to create two different websites with different function or personal details for your guests, you can create two websites. You will be provided with different links for both.

How do I create my website?

You can log on to, click the “Website” option and just follow the steps.

How can I share this with my friends?

Once you have created your website, you will get an exclusive link for it, which can then be shared with your friends and family via email, WhatsApp, Facebook or any other platform.

Can I edit my website once created?

Yes. You can access your account at any time and make any changes once you login to

Can the website be created on our personal domain?

Yes, you can purchase a personal domain from us, and the same is charged at ₹4000

What is the Vowed App?

You can upgrade your website at just ₹2,000 to get an additional Vowed App. This app builds a community for your guests where they can share pictures, post, get notifications and much more! To know more about it, visit or see how it works below:


What kind of invites can I create at

At we offer couples printed invitations, animated and designer digital cards as well as video invites. Couples can choose from our premium printable designs and have it customised to their liking or create digital wedding invitations online. We give you a download option on your e-invite, so you can share it with your friends and family in whatever way convenient to you. You can view our gallery at

Do you do video invites?

Yes, we offer video invites price starting from ₹999. You can view our gallery at, choose your preferred design and make the purchase. Our team will customise it for you.

Is this service charged?

Yes, we charge for all our invites. Our digital invitations price starts from ₹200 each, video invites price starts from ₹999, and for printed invitations you can get a quote on our website based on your requirement.

Can I customise my invite?

Yes. If you are printing your invitation, it is completely customisable from colour to special treatments and paper quality. If you are creating an e-invitation, you can choose from one of our many templates and customise it by adding your details and information. If you are looking for a custom e-invite design, you can write to us at for a quote.

How do I create my invite?

For printed invitations, just choose a design and share your details with us. One of our wedding advisors will get in touch to help you through the process. For e-invitations, you can log on to, click the “Invite” option and just follow the steps.

I am looking for a specific design. Can Wedding Wishlist help me create one just like that?

We offer a beautiful list of designer cards on our website. However, if you are looking for something personalised, you can write to our wedding advisors at and they can work with our design team to help customise a card for you.

I am based in a different city. Can Wedding Wishlist work on my invitation?

Yes. We offer our services across the country and can be your invitation partner irrespective of which city you are based in. Our wedding advisors will help you through the process.

How can I share my e-invitation with my friends?

Once you have created your invite, you will get an option of sharing it with your friends and family via email or Facebook. If you are on mobile, you can also use this option to share the invite on WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can download the invite and share it on your own.

Can I edit my invite once created?

Yes. You can access your account at any time and make changes when you login to However, once you have purchased a card, the couple names are not editable.

Can I send my e-invite to as many people as i want to after purchasing it?

Yes, you can share your invite with as many people as you like once you have purchased it.

I want to print my e-invite on my own. Is the resolution enough to do it?

While our cards have good resolution for the online medium, if you wish to print your card you can buy a high-definition version for ₹100 extra.

Can you print my e-card for me?

Yes. When you add your card to the cart, you will get a pop-up asking if you want to print these cards. By choosing the required number and size of card, you will be given the price details. At this point, you can just add the printed cards to your cart. You will receive your printed cards within 7-9 working days.

How do I keep track of my guests — those who are invited, yet to be invited, RSVPs etc?

If you share your invite with guests using our website, our guest-list manager can help you keep track of all the invitations and RSVPs.

Can Wedding Wishlist help me incorporate my wedding motif into my e-invite?

If you have signed up for a Registry and Website with us, then our team can help you customise your e-invite with the required motif.

Can we upload our own designs?

No, for now we don’t offer the option of uploading your own design. However, we can facilitate a design similar to your requirements for our registered Wishlist couples.


What is the wedding checklist?

Our wedding checklist is the first-ever list of pre-wedding tasks designed for Indian weddings. It is the ultimate tool to ensure you don’t forget any important while planning your big day.

How does the checklist work?

It’s really simple to use our checklist. You just have to sign in, fill your details and take our style quiz. This enables us to know you better and customise the checklist to your needs. You can add new tasks or remove suggested ones as per your convenience, set reminders, get vendor recommendations and read great content to help you with the wedding planning process.

Is the checklist free?

Yes, the checklist is completely free!

What are the various categories in the checklist?

All major tasks are covered in the checklist, from venue and catering to logistics and trousseau. However, given the diversity of Indian weddings, there will always be some additional tasks, and for that we allow you to customise your planner and add budget items.

What is the style quiz?

This is a simple quiz we have designed to understand your wedding style and personality. Based on the results, we create a moodboard for you to refer to when planning the big day.

If I have any doubts regarding a checklist item, can you help me with it?

Yes, we are always here to help. You have the option to write to us with any questions or doubts under each item in the checklist. Our wedding expert will get back to you with answers asap.

I can’t find the right vendor for my requirement. Can the checklist help me with that?

Yes it can. We offer vendor recommendations across cities and budgets, and will be happy to help you find your perfect fit.

I have multiple pre-wedding functions. Would my checklist apply to all of them or just the wedding?

The checklist is designed keeping the big fat Indian wedding in mind and it works for all your functions. You can customise it entirely by adding or removing functions anytime you like. You can also view your checklist by function, dates or priority.

What is a Budget Planner?

Research shows that most weddings in India go over budget. The Budget Planner is a tool we have designed to manage, monitor and record your expenses so you don’t end up overspending.

How does it work?

You simply sign in and fill up your details. Our tool will give you an suggested spend on key areas of your wedding. You can then go with our recommendations or add your estimated and actual expenses. You can also allocate multiple owners, split expenses, upload invoices and track payment due dates.

Does the budget planner cater to the indian wedding?

Yes, all our tools are designed keeping Indian weddings in mind, and the budget planner will give you valuable budgeting information based on intensive research on Indian weddings.

Is it a free tool?

Yes, it is completely free.

What are the categories covered in the Budget Planner?

All major categories of expenses are covered in the Budget Planner, from venue and catering to logistics and trousseau. However, given the diversity of Indian weddings, there will always be some additional expenses, and for that we allow you to customise your planner and add budget items.

Can I add or delete a category that is not relevant to me?

Yes, the Budget Planner is completely customisable

My fiance and i are sharing the expenses for our wedding. Can we split costs on the tool?

Yes, you can add as many owners as you like on the Budget Planner and can split expenses between them.

Is this an app? Can I download it on iTunes or the Play Store?

Guested is a Progressive App, or the next generation of apps! You don’t need to download it from anywhere. When a guest clicks on your unique URL, they are prompted with a message that asks them to add it to the homescreen. As soon as they do that, the icon is saved on their phone. It takes up practically zero storage on your device.

What is Guested?

Guested is an event management and hospitality app. When planning a wedding, guest logistics are the hardest part to manage and Guested makes this part easy. All you have to do is upload your guest list, and the app helps you allocate rooms, transport, send notifications and collect RSVPs with just a click.

Is Guested free?

No, the App is charged at Rs 5,000 per event.

Can I print address labels on the App?

Yes, once your guest list is completed, you can print address labels with just a click! You can also export the guest list, room inventory and transport allocations to excel.

Can I invite my guests through Guested?

Absolutely. Once you upload your guests list, you can select the guests you want to invite and send them an sms or email invitation with just a click. The RSVP responses of guests will be automatically updated in your app.

Will my guests be able to access this app?

No, Guested is for the organisers only. This is where you coordinate and manage the event. However, you can use the app to communicate important information with your guests, like location notifications, traffic advisory, last-minute changes etc.

Can other people manage the app on my behalf?

Yes! Indian weddings are huge and we’re sure your family and friends will be helping you plan the wedding. You can add multiple organisers and assign them specific tasks. Organisers can also communicate with each other via the app, so everyone stays updated.

What is The Good Bride and how do I use it?

The Good Bride is a platform that connects prospective brides and grooms to wedding vendors in their city. We provide a verified database of the best vendors in the country. By listing on our website, our couples can know more about the services you offer, read reviews and connect with you.

How can I enlist my company as a vendor?

You can click on the ‘Partner with Us’ tab on our page, sign up and fill in your details. We will get this information for verification, and once we complete our checks, we will list you on our platform.

How I can change content, images and add details to my brand on The Good Bride?

Once you are a listed vendor with us, you can use your login details to change images, content or any other details on your page.

How can my brand be a ‘Featured Vendor’ on The Good Bride?

We work with credible, reputed brands to promote their services. To know the charges for the same, you can write to us at

Is there a contract or agreement for a collaboration with The Good Bride?

While you don’t need to sign a contract to collaborate with The Good Bride, we do have certain guidelines which will be shared with you at the time on onboarding. We also recommend that you read our Terms & Conditions document.

How can I introduce my network of wedding vendors to The Good Bride?

You can ask any wedding vendors to get in touch with us at or have them register through the ‘Partner with Us’ link on our page.

How can I participate at The Good Bride events?

For any collaboration or partnerships, please write to us at

How can my clients post their testimonials on my brand page?

On every vendor page, we provide a ‘Write Review’ button. By clicking on the same, your client can review you on our platform.

Can I post a testimonial on behalf of my client?

We value the authenticity of our testimonials and do not allow vendors to post on their client’s behalf.

How can I advertise on or explore marketing opportunities with The Good Bride?

For any advertisement or marketing queries, please write to us at

Can I change FAQ’s relevant to my portfolio on The Good Bride?

No, in order to maintain consistency, we have a fixed set of FAQs on our pages. However, you can add any extra information you like in your profile.

Will I have access to customer reviews and feedback about my company that is directed to The Good Bride?

You will be able to access all reviews and feedback we receive on your vendor page.


I am attending a wedding and want to buy the couple a gift. Can I do that without the couple having a registry on your website?

Yes, Wedding Wishlist is the perfect online destination to shop for gifts for a couple as our entire collection is curated to suit the needs and taste of newly-weds. You can browse, add to cart and purchase!

You have gifts like holidays and appliances which are very costly, but would make for a great gift. How do other guests buy these gifts?

That’s a great question! One of the advantages Wedding Wishlist offers in comparison to regular e-commerce websites is allowing guests to group gift. This means you can choose a gift you like and invite your friends or family to contribute towards that gift. You can do this by simply creating a group gift and adding the email addresses of the people who will be contributing. Each member gets their own payment link where they can make a contribution and check out. So you stay within your budget and the couple gets something fantastic!

What is your exchange or return policy?

Like most marketplaces, different products have different exchange and return policies and this will be mentioned in the product description.

Do you offer a gift card for your website?

Yes, you can write to us at and purchase a gift card for any denomination you like. This can be redeemed across any product in our catalogue.

I am looking for gifts to accompany my wedding invitation. Can Wedding Wishlist help me?

Yes, at Wedding Wishlist, we offer bespoke gifts for all wedding occasions including invitation gifts, hospitality gifts and thank you gifts. Please visit

Can Wedding Wishlist help me plan and execute my thank-you gifts?

Absolutely. We provide end-to-end gifting solutions at Wedding Wishlist. You can browse through our exhaustive collection of thank-you gifts, and fill out the form on our Return Gifts page. You can also call our wedding advisors for any query at +91 87545 50002 or write to us at email

Can you customise my invitation and thank-you gifts with my wedding theme or motif?

Yes, we can customise the invitation cards and the gifts according to your design requirements.

Do you have minimum order quantities?

While we have minimum numbers for most gifts, we do worn on smaller requirements. Just get in touch with our team for details.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just call us at +91 87545 50002 or write to us at and we’ll get back to you right away! And if all your questions are answered, then what are you waiting for? Just browse the website for our services.

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