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What is The Good Bride and how do I use it?

The Good Bride is a platform that connects prospective brides and grooms to wedding vendors in their city. We provide a verified databse of the best vendors in the country. By listing on our website, our couples can know more about the services you offer, read reviews and connect with you.

How can I enlist my company as a vendor?

You can click on the ‘Partner with Us’ tab on our page, sign up and fill in your details. We will get this information for verification, and once we complete our checks, we will list you on our platform.

How I can change content, images and add details to my brand on The Good Bride?

Once you are a listed vendor with us, you can use your login details to change images, content or any other details on your page.

How can my brand be a ‘Featured Vendor’ on The Good Bride?

We feature our vendors in the “Trending Now” section based on their credibility and work history. You can get in touch with our team to know more about this.

Is there a contract or agreement for a collaboration with The Good Bride?

While you don’t need to sign a contract to collaborate with The Good Bride, we do have certain guidelines which will be shared with you at the time on onboarding. We also recommend that you read our Terms & Conditions document.

How can I introduce my network of wedding vendors to The Good Bride?

You can ask any wedding vendors to get in touch with us here or have them register through the ‘Partner with Us’ link on our page.

How can I participate at The Good Bride events?

For any collaboration or partnerships, please write to us here

How can my clients post their testimonials on my brand page?

On every vendor page, we provide a ‘Write Review’ button. By clicking on the same, your client can review you on our platform.

Can I post a testimonial on behalf of my client?

We value the authenticity of our testimonials and do not allow vendors to post on their client’s behalf.

How can I advertise on or explore marketing opportunities with The Good Bride?

For any advertisement or marketing queries, please write to us here

Can I change FAQ’s relevant to my portfolio on The Good Bride?

No, in order to maintain consistency, we have a fixed set of FAQs on our pages. However, you can add any extra information you like in your profile.

Will I have access to customer reviews and feedback about my company that is directed to The Good Bride?

You will be able to access all reviews and feedback we receive on your vendor page.


How can my brand partner with Wedding Wishlist?

At Wedding Wishlist, we aim to provide our couples with the best possible collection of gifts to choose from. If your brand offers quality products that are relevant for newlyweds, you can contact us for a listing on our website.

What is the procedure for collaborating with Wedding Wishlist?

Yes you can contribute any amount towards any gift of the couple’s Wishlist.

A few of us want to get together give a group gift; is that possible?

If you feel your product makes a good fit with our brand, you can write to us at and our brand onboarding team will get in touch with you.

Do I have to pay for featuring my products on Wedding Wishlist?

No, we don’t charge for product listings. However, we work on a commission model, the details of which our team will share with you.

Do I have to list my entire inventory on Wedding Wishlist, if I get onboarded?

No, we carefully choose the products we want to list on our website, as we aim to provide a curated offering. Once you initiate the process, our team will discuss the details with you.

Is there a contract that I have to sign with the Wedding Wishlist team when I decide to come onboard?

Yes, we have a standard contract with terms & conditions that we share with all our brands. This will be sent to you once we have finalised all the relevant details.

If you dont find your answer here, do call us at +91 8754550002 or write to