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How can I buy gifts for my friends from their Wishlist?

It’s really simple. You just have to visit their unique Wishlist link, see their gift selection, choose what you would like to gift them and make a purchase. We also offer the option of contribution, wherein you can actually contribute an amount of your choice towards any gift, and once there are enough contributions to complete the amount, we send the gift to the couple. Alternatively, you can initiate a group gift, where you and your friends can jointly contribute towards getting a gift of a higher value, and buy it for the couple as a group. In all the above circumstances, we inform the couple of each guest’s contribution and good wishes.

Can I buy a gift for someone who doesn’t have a Wishlist?

Yes you can, assuming that their Wishlist is public. You can ‘Find their Wishlist’ by searching for bride’s or groom’s name on, view what they still need and purchase whatever appeals to you as well as suits your budget.

Can I shop for someone even if I have not been invited to their Wishlist?

Yes you can, assuming that their Wishlist is public, You can ‘Find their Wishlist’ by searching for bride’s or groom’s name on, view what they still need and purchase whatever appeals to you as well as suits your budget.

How do I find a Wishlist?

Easy. Click on ‘Find Wishlist’ by searching for bride’s or groom’s name on If you are unable to view a wishlist, it could be because the couple has yet to create/share it, or they have made it private. You can also request the couple for their Wishlist URL.

Does the gift get delivered to me or directly to the couple?

At Wedding Wishlist, we offer complete flexibility in this regard. If you wish to give the gift personally, we can have it delivered to you directly. However, we also offer the option of shipping all the gifts together to the couple on a date of their choice.

How do I pay for these gifts? Is there cash on delivery?

At this point, we only offer the option of online payments. You can choose to pay by credit card, debit card, or net banking.

After buying a gift, I realise I don’t like it. Can I return/exchange it?

Return policy varies by product and supplier, and is determined on a case-by-case basis. If you have an item that you would like to return/exchange, please mail us at as soon as you can.

Group gifts and contributions towards gifts cannot be returned or cancelled.

I would like to send the couple a card with my wishes. How do I do that?

We send any message you may have for the couple along with the gift. We also offer the option of having the gift shipped to the couple and a card sent to you, which you can give the couple on their wedding day.

Do you offer giftwrap?

Not for everything. Some things are not possible to giftwrap. In these cases, a gift card will accompany the gifts. We will giftwrap whenever we can!

Can others see the gift I purchase?

No. What you choose to gift is between you and the marrying couple. No one else has visibility to it.

Will I know when my gift gets delivered?

Yes. You will receive a delivery confirmation email once your gift is delivered.

How long will my gift take to reach?

This depends on two things:
Delivery time, which varies for each product
Delivery preference of the marrying couple – whether they would like to receive gifts as they are purchased, or all together after the wedding. Whatever the case, we will send a delivery confirmation to you once your gift is delivered.

I live abroad can I order a gift from a Wishlist?

We accept international credit cards, so guests living abroad and easily participate in the couple’s Wishlist and order gifts.

There isn’t anything left for me to gift on the Wishlist. What should I do now?

If the Wishlist has been completely purchased, you can choose from the extensive range of products available on the website. Alternatively, we can contact the couple and ask them to add more products to their Wishlist.

Do I have to choose a gift from the Wishlist? What if I don’t like anything?

There are times that one might find the unpurchased gifts remaining on a Wishlist uninspiring. In this case, you can use the Wishlist as an indication of what the couple wants, and order something they might like by ‘browsing gifts’ in Wedding Wishlist. If you have trouble, please write to, and we will do our best to help you!

What are the payment methods supported?

We accept credit cards (Visa & Mastercard, domestic and international), debit cards and Netbanking. If your preferred payment method is not supported, please write to, and we will do our best to help you!


What’s the difference between a group gift and contribution?

You can contribute towards any gift you like on the couple’s Wishlist. The gift can be worth any amount of your choosing.

You may also decide to give a gift together as a group of friends, colleagues, etc. In this case, you can create a group, and invite others to join in the group gift by contributing a gift card towards it.

Can I contribute towards a gift on a Wishlist?

Yes you can contribute any amount towards any gift of the couple’s Wishlist.

A few of us want to get together give a group gift; is that possible?

Absolutely! You or your group can choose what you would like to gift from the couple’s Wishlist. One of you can create a group gift Click here and invite others to join in. All invited group members will receive an invite, and can make gift card contributions to the group gift. We will track all member contributions and keep you abreast. When the final contribution is made, your gift will be ordered and processed.

If I contribute to a Group Gift, will the couple know?

Absolutely! If you opt to contribute a gift card towards a Group Gift on a Wishlist, the couple will receive details of individual contributions via their Gift Tracker as well as the card that accompanies the group gift.


I am looking for gifts to accompany my wedding invitation. Can Wedding Wishlist help me?

Yes, at Wedding Wishlist, we offer bespoke gifts for all wedding occassions including invitation gifts, hospitality gifts and thank you gifts. Please browse our ‘Gifts for Guests’ section (To be launched soon) for the complete collection.

Can Wedding Wishlist help me plan and execute my thank-you gifts?

Absolutely. We provide end-to-end gifting solutions at Wedding Wishlist. You can browse through our exhaustive collection of thank-you gifts, and our team will be happy to assist you throughout. You can also call our wedding advisors for any query write to us at email

Can you customise my invitation and thank-you gifts with my wedding theme or motif?

Yes, we can customise the invitation cards and the gifts according to your design requirements.

My gifts arrived damaged, what do I do?

All our products go through quality check and we ensure our gifts are delivered in perfect condition. However, if unfortunately your gifts are damaged, please write to us at, and we will be happy to help.

If you dont find your answer here, do write to