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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Weddings

Yes, we use your wedding website to share information about the wedding, live stream the ceremony and host the Zoom chat. Also, it’s a free service and can be set up in minutes.
Virtual weddings are surprisingly cost effective and a great way to celebrate your big day. Each service is priced differently, with live streaming at Rs 999. You can know costs of individual services by visiting
We will host the live stream of your wedding on our platform. However, you will need a videographer or a friend physically present at the ceremony, who’ll connect to your Youtube and shoot the footage live.
We offer an usher service where a team member is present online to help all your guests who join the chat with any issues they may have. The usher also welcomes all guests and makes them feel comfortable with the tech.
It’s good to have a strong internet connection. However, the requirement is nothing more than what you would usually use at your home.
No, we’ll host the wedding for you and use our credentials to ensure your guests have a smooth experience.
An usher is a person responsible for making sure your guests are welcomed to the online wedding, have no technological difficulties and have a great time while celebrating virtually. Since the concept is fairly new, an usher helps guests get comfortable with the online celebrations.
With Wedding Wishlist, you can host your online wedding party on a variety of platforms. We currently work with Zoom, Google Meet, Discord and Jio Meet. However, we would be happy to help integrate any other platforms you want to explore.
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just call us at +91 87545 50002 or write to us here and we’ll get back to you right away! And if all your questions are answered, then what are you waiting for? Just browse the website for our services.

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