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Frequently Asked Questions

Guested Logistics App

Guested is a guest communication and hospitality app. When planning a wedding, guest logistics are the hardest part to manage and Guested makes this part easy. All you have to do is upload your guest list, and the app helps you allocate rooms, transport, send notifications and collect RSVPs with just a click.
Guested is a Progressive App, or the next generation of apps! You don’t need to download it from anywhere. Once you make the purchase, we’ll send you the download link for the same.
Yes, once your guest list is completed, you can print address labels with just a click! You can also export the guest list, room inventory and transport allocations to excel.
Absolutely. Once you upload your guests list, you can select the guests you want to invite and send them an sms or email invitation with just a click. The RSVP responses of guests will be automatically updated in your app.
Yes! Indian weddings are huge and we’re sure your family and friends will be helping you plan the wedding. You can add multiple organisers and assign them specific tasks. Organisers can also communicate with each other via the app, so everyone stays updated.
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