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Frequently Asked Questions

Budget Planner

The Budget Planner is a tool we have designed to manage, monitor and record your expenses so you don’t end up overspending.
You simply sign in and fill up your details. Our tool will give you suggested spends on key areas of your wedding. You can then go with our recommendations or add your estimated and actual expenses. You can also allocate multiple owners, split expenses, upload invoices and track payment due dates.
Yes, all our tools are designed keeping Indian weddings in mind, and the budget planner will give you valuable budgeting information based on intensive research on Indian weddings.
Yes, it is completely free.
All major categories of expenses are covered in the Budget Planner, from venue and catering to logistics and trousseau. However, given the diversity of Indian weddings, there will always be some additional expenses, and for that we allow you to customise your planner and add budget items.
Yes, the Budget Planner is completely customisable.
Yes, you can add as many owners as you like on the Budget Planner and can split expenses between them.
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