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Frequently Asked Questions

About Wedding Wishlist

Because Wedding Wishlist makes wedding planning super easy for couples. We offer all the possible services or tools they may need, including the registry, wedding website, invites, return gifts, planning services, vendor details and more.
We make the planning process smart, meaningful and easy. The gift registry eliminates waste in the form of unused gifts. E-invites and websites help couples go paperless, and our tools use technology to significantly reduce costs.
The gift registry, wedding website, checklist, budget planner and vendor details are all available for free to couples. Invites, apps and monograms are available at affordable prices.
Start by signing up so you get access to all the services. We suggest setting up your website and gift registry at the very onset, so you have time to perfect it. As you add gifts or update content on your website, you can get a checklist started, to keep you on track.

Gift Registry

For The Couple

It is a service for couples getting married where they can create a list of gifts they would like to receive on their wedding. This helps guests choose a gift in their budget that the couple will love. They can buy or contribute towards any gift from the couple’s registry.
The couple can choose gifts they like from our website, be it products, gift cards or experiences, and add them to their Registry. They can also add gifts from other websites by copy pasting the URL to their Registry. Once they have added everything they like, they can share the link with guests, who can buy or contribute towards anything on this list. From there on, we take over. Wedding Wishlist coordinates, notifies, packs and delivers gifts to the couple, at a time and place convenient to them. Watch this video to see how a registry works:
You can choose from a wide selection of furniture, appliances, tableware, holidays, gift cards and more. Couples also have the option of adding gifts from other online sites, creating a cash gift or adding charities to their registry.
If you are using Google Chrome, you can move the “Add to Wedding Wishlist” button to your bookmark bar and start adding products. Alternatively, you can email the list of product urls to and our team will do it for you with 4-6 working hours.
You can add products from any online store that delivers to your address. In case you have trouble adding any product, our team can do it for you. Just mail us a list of URLs at
Yes, Wedding Wishlist adds a 7% service fee to all products added from external websites to cover the cost of shipping, handling and installation. This fee gets added to the product price shown on your registry.
Wedding Wishlist will fulfil all products at the price listed in your registry irrespective of the increase or decrease in price. The amount paid by the guest will be treated as the final fulfilment price.
As is the case with products from our catalogue, our team will inform the couple about out of stock products and will give them the option of picking another gift of the same value, waiting for the product to come back in stock, or converting that money to a gift voucher.
In this situation, we provide you three options,
1. You can complete the purchase by contributing the remaining amount which is needed to purchase the gift.
2. You can transfer/distribute the amount to other gifts existing on your registry or you can add new items to your registry from our existing catalog or from other websites and complete the purchase.
3. You can also convert the contributed amount to a Wedding Wishlist gift card which you can use to purchase gifts for yourself later from our catalog or contribute to any of your friend's gift registry in Wedding Wishlist
Yes, surprising as it may sound, the registry is absolutely free. All you have to do is create your gift list and share with guests. We will coordinate, wrap and deliver the gifts to you at zero cost.
Absolutely. You specify when and where you want your gifts delivered, and we make sure it happens. With gifts delivered directly to you, your guests can enjoy your wedding hands-free.
It’s really simple—just add a cash gift to your registry. Your guests can contribute any amount they like via online payments. We notify you each time there is a contribution, and transfer the funds to your account as per your preference. We charge an agency fee of ₹ 2.56 % on all transactions in addition to GST. Only for cash registries, international credit cards cannot be used. You can read the detailed terms & conditions to know more.
Yes, if you create your Registry or invite with us, and share your guest details, we can send them gentle reminders about your wedding date and gifts purchased.
Yes, we offer gift cards from leading retailers. You can check out our Gift Cards category for more details.
At Wedding Wishlist, we are aligned with many charities that your guests can contribute to. You can browse through our charities. If you wish to list a charity we do not have on our website, you can let us know the details of your charity and we would be happy to list it for you.
If you have registered for our Registry, we offer a free thank-you cards service where you can send personalised notes to all your guests.
Yes, you can create two separate registries to suit your requirements. You can also have a friend or family member create a Registry for you, if they like.
If you are living abroad, the registry is very valid for you. Below are the following options you can go for:
You can add gifts from online stores that deliver to your city on your registry.
Once guests’ purchase, we can have these gifts delivered to your address.
You can add a holiday, some traditional Indian items or gift cards to your registry, which are valid globally. These can also be added to your gift registry with Wedding Wishlist.
This depends entirely on your guests’ budgets. We offer a group gifting option on all our products, be it a kitchen appliance or a holiday package. However, we feel, group gifts work best in items that cost anything over ₹10,000.
Yes you can. You can call us on +91 87545 50002 after the first transaction on your Registry, and inform us about the same.
Most couples ask for their gifts to be delivered immediately after their honeymoon. However, we can hold your gifts for 3-4 weeks post your wedding. In special circumstances, you can call us for an extension.
Yes, completely. All information is confidential, and we treat it as such.
Yes, completely. We do not save your credit card data. All of our transactions are channeled through a third party server that is 100% secure.
At this time, we only ship within the India. However, we do accept international credit cards so your international guests can shop from anywhere!
Return policy varies by product and supplier, and is determined on a case-by-case basis. If you have an item that you would like to return/exchange, please call us at +91 87545 50002 as soon as you can.
Yes, we have a Vowed Wedding App, where your guests can share information, get all guest images in one gallery, chat, comment and make announcements, all with just a click. You can get more details at

Charity Registry

Yes, you don’t have to create a charity-only registry and can have it be a mix of gifts, gift cards cash and charity.
The couple does not have to pay any charges directly, but Wedding Wishlist charges a 10% agency fee plus tax. This is towards processing and managing the registry and is deducted from the contributions received.
Yes, most charities will issue an 80g to the couple or their guests, based on the couple’s preference. However, some charities do face issues doing the same due to permissions and certifications. The Wedding Wishlist team helps the couples through this entire process.
No, only Indian nationals, using an Indian credit card or bank account can contribute towards a charity gift registry. Your guests will have to give their PAN details when contributing.

For The Gift Givers

It’s really simple. You just have to visit their unique Wishlist link, see their gift selection, choose what you would like to gift them and make a purchase. We also offer the option of contribution, where you can actually contribute an amount of your choice towards any gift, and once there are enough contributions to complete the amount, we send the gift to the couple. Alternatively, you can initiate a group gift, where you and your friends can jointly contribute towards getting a gift of a higher value, and buy it for the couple as a group. In all the above circumstances, we inform the couple of each guest’s contribution and good wishes.
Yes you can, assuming that their Registry is public, You can ‘Find their Registry’ by searching for bride’s or groom’s name on, view what they still need and purchase whatever appeals to you as well as suits your budget.
Easy. Click on ‘Find Registry’ by searching for bride’s or groom’s name on If you are unable to view a Registry, it could be because the couple has yet to create/share it, or they have made it private. You can also request the couple for their Registry URL.
At Wedding Wishlist, we offer complete flexibility in this regard. If you wish to give the gift personally, we can have it delivered to you directly. However, we also offer the option of shipping all the gifts together to the couple on a date of their choice.
At this point, we only offer the option of online payments. You can choose to pay by credit card, debit card, or net banking.
Return policy varies by product and supplier, and is determined on a case-by-case basis. If you have an item that you would like to return/exchange, please call us at +91 87545 50002 as soon as you can. Group gifts and contributions towards gifts cannot be returned or cancelled.
We send any message you may have for the couple along with the gift. We also offer the option of having the gift shipped to the couple and a card sent to you, which you can give the couple on their wedding day.
Not for everything. Some things are not possible to gift wrap. In these cases, a gift card will accompany the gifts. We will gift wrap whenever we can!
No. What you choose to gift is between you and the marrying couple. No one else has visibility to it.
Yes. You will receive a delivery confirmation email once your gift is delivered.
This depends on two things:
  • Delivery time, which varies for each product
  • Delivery preference of the marrying couple – whether they would like to receive gifts as they are purchased, or all together after the wedding. Whatever the case, we will send a delivery confirmation to you once your gift is delivered.
We accept international credit cards, so guests living abroad and easily participate in the couple’s Registry and order gifts.
If the Registry has been completely purchased, you can choose from the extensive range of products available on the website. Alternatively, we can contact the couple and ask them to add more products to their Registry.
There are times that one might find the unpurchased gifts remaining on a Registry uninspiring. In this case, you can use the Registry as an indication of what the couple wants, and order something they might like by ‘browsing gifts’ in Wedding Wishlist. If you have trouble, please call us at +91 87545 50002 or write to, and we will do our best to help you!
We accept credit cards (Visa & Mastercard, domestic and international), debit cards and Netbanking. If your preferred payment method is not supported, please call us at +91 87545 50002 or write to, and we will do our best to help you!
Wedding Wishlist accepts most major currencies and guests can purchase a gift on any of those. Currencies accepted by Wedding Wishlist include -- US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Australian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Chinese Yuan, New Zealand Dollar, Krona, Ringgit, Ruble, Rupiah, Shekel, Swiss Franc, Kuwaiti Dinar, U.A.E. Dirham and Riyal.

Cash Registry

It’s really simple—just add a cash gift to your registry. Your guests can contribute any amount they like via online payments. We notify you each time there is a contribution, and transfer the funds to your account as per your preference.
While creating a registry is free, on cash transactions we do levy a charge, which is lowest in the country. We charge payment gateway charges (2% approximately) plus agency fee of 2.56 % on all transactions in addition to GST.
Only for cash registries, international credit cards cannot be used. You can read the detailed terms & conditions to know more. However, international guests can contribute towards gifts and gift cards.
We transfer the money when you close your registry or in regular intervals, based on your preference.
Yes, your registry can be a mix of cash, products, gift cards and charities. It’s entirely flexible and up to you.

Contribution & Group Gifts

You can contribute towards any gift you like on the couple’s Registry. The contribution can be worth any amount of your choosing, and once enough people contribute, the couple will get the gift.
However, if you are a group of friends or family, you may decide to give a gift together. In this case, you can create a group, and invite others to join in the group gift by contributing an amount of your choice towards it.
Yes you can contribute any amount towards any gift of the couple’s registry.
Absolutely! You or your group can choose what you would like to gift from the couple’s Registry. One of you can create a group gift and invite others to join in. All invited group members will receive an invite, and can make contributions towards it. We will track all member contributions. When the final contribution is made, your gift will be ordered and processed. To know more about group gifting, visit
Absolutely! If you opt to contribute towards a Group Gift on a Registry, the couple will receive details of individual contributions via their Gift Tracker as well as the card that accompanies the group gift.
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just call us at +91 87545 50002 or write to us here and we’ll get back to you right away! And if all your questions are answered, then what are you waiting for? Just browse the website for our services.

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