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Create an invite in 5 minutes

Follow the steps below to quickly create an invite that you can download and share on WhatsApp, Email or Facebook.

1Open invites gallery

Select “E-Invites” option from the Invites Menu.


2Select the design

Choose a design from the list of more than 80 designs. All the content that you see in the design can be edited later.


3Sign up

Sign up for a Wedding Wishlist account. The names and the wedding date that you enter during sign up will appear in the invite.


4Add your content

The content that can be edited will appear inside dotted boxes. Click on the dotted box to edit the content in it. You can also change the size of the fonts while add your content.

Note : All details on the card can be edited later after saving the card. However, the couple names and the wedding date cannot be changed once the card is purchased. Please make sure they are correct before making the payment.


5Save/Edit your Invite

Once you have completed changing the contents of the card, click on the Preview button at the bottom to save the card. In case you want to edit the content again, click on the Edit link at the top in the Preview screen.


6Purchase your invite

If you are ready to purchase the card, click on the Add To Cart button at the bottom and proceed to payment. You can pay through Credit or Debit card, Net Banking, PayTM or UPI.


7Share it with guests

Once you have purchased your invite, the invite will be available in the My Invites menu. You can still change all contents of the invite except the couple names and the wedding date. To share with your guests, click on the share icon below the invite. You can also download and then share it as an image by clicking on the download icon.


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