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Follow the steps below to quickly create a wedding website that you can share on WhatsApp, Email or Facebook.

1Open website gallery

Click on "WEDDING WEBSITE" to get started.


2Select View all Themes

Click on "VIEW ALL THEMES" to view the gallery of templates.


3Select design

Choose a design from our gallery of more than 15 templates. All the content and images can be edited and personalised.

invite-cards invite-cards

4Sign Up

Sign up to create an account on Wedding Wishlist.

sign up to wedding wishlist website

5Edit/Add functions to your website

You can edit the contents on the website by clicking on the text. Similarly, pictures can be changed by clicking on them and uploading new ones. You can add, remove and reorder functions by clicking on the appropriate links.

edit wedding website function popup add edit wedding website functions

6Enable/Disable sections on your website

You can enable or disable sections on your website using the checkbox. You can also add background music and create a matching E-invite.

enable wedding website sections


7Save your website

Once you have completed the changes, the website can be saved by clicking on the save option. Don't worry! Even after saving, edits and changes can be made on the website at any time.

save the wedding website design


8Publish your website

You're all set now! Your website can be published by clicking on the publish icon.

publish wedding wishlist template

9Share with guests

Once your website is published, you can share it with guests by sending them the URL on WhatsApp, email, sms or Facebook. Please note, you can edit your website even after it is published and shared. The changes will reflect on the website when a guest clicks on the URL.

wedding website link to share and invite the guests

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