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Live video streaming has never been easier!

Why choose Wedding Wishlist for your live event stream?

Looking for a live video streaming service? Look no further! Here are some reasons why you should pick wedding wishlist as your live event stream partner.

Great for every occasion: Whether you want to video stream your wedding live, or an anniversary, birthday, baby shower, or any occasion, wedding wishlist can help you create an online stream for just about anything!

Cost effective: With wedding wishlist, there’s no need to worry about the cost of your online stream. Your hunt for the most cost effective live video stream service ends here.

Shareable footage: Want to relive memories of your special day? Once your live video streaming is done, the entire footage will be available on a post event website, and can also be used for a digital album!

Just 4 steps to start live video streaming your event

Choose Occasion

Want to do a wedding live stream? Or do you want to do birthday party streaming, or an online stream of your housewarming or anniversary? Let us know!

Create Website

Choose a template, fill in your details, and you’ll have an event website within minutes!

Activate Live Stream

When you’re ready, activate your live stream so that your live video streaming can officially begin!

Share Website URL

Don’t forget to share the URL with your guests so they can catch your video stream live!

*18% GST Additional
** Additional charges apply
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Why Live stream Your Event?

Great for wedding, anniversary, baby shower, birthday or housewarming

No hassle of multiple URLs

Cost effective

Works well with just phone, tab or laptop

Technical assistance during event

Footage available on Post-Event Website

Guests can interact during live stream

Footage can be used for Digital Album

Password protection makes website secure

Why Everyone Live Stream

Prasad & Ketki

Prasad & Ketki

Wedding Wishlist helped make our online wedding a success. Our guests from all over the world loved the virtual wedding celebrations and we had over 1000 people attend digitally.
Tarini & Raashid

Tarini & Raashid

The team organised live stream for us, which was amazing for friends and family who couldn't attend due to COVID19. We'd highly recommend working with Wedding Wishlist to make your wedding stress free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your live video streaming cost will depend on the plan you choose. The basic Live Stream is priced at ₹999 per event and Live Stream Plus is priced at ₹2,599 per event. Live Stream 360 starts from ₹3.5 lakhs.
Live Stream is the basic Live streaming package, where you can complete the set up yourself, and start streaming your events. If you’d like our team to give you a demonstration of the set up and assist you with the configuration from start to end, you can opt for the Live Stream Plus package. Live Stream 360 gives your guests a 360 degree/ Virtual Reality experience as they watch the ceremony. Our partner will be present at the venue to shoot the footage and guests can watch the live video stream through special VR devices. For more information, write to us at and we’ll get in touch with you.
For Live Stream and Live Stream Plus, we do not shoot the footage at the venue, we only facilitate the streaming via your website. You can either get the live stream link from your videographer, or use any free mobile application linked to YouTube. For Live Stream 360, our partner will be present at the venue to shoot the footage with their special equipment. For more information, write to us at and our expert advisors will be in touch with you.
Yes! You can do an online stream of any celebration - wedding, baby shower, birthday, anniversary or housewarming too!
Our Live Stream package is on a per event basis, where each event can be upto 4 hours.
Yes, the live video streaming is continuous throughout the event. However, you can opt to livestream multiple ceremonies across different days by purchasing the service separately for each of the events to be streamed.
Your Live Stream is integrated within your website, and is available soon after you purchase and activate it. Just share your website URL. There’s no need to use multiple links!
Have questions about setting up your Live Stream?
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