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Rug Concept

Orange Ship Wheeled Rug

A team of skilled rug-makers combine modern and traditional processes to create this hand-tufted rug. They scale and enlarge this chosen design to create a graph of the pattern, which is printed onto a canvas and stretched across a frame. The master rug-maker then uses a tufting gun to punch thousands of loops of dyed wool, art silk, or silk through the canvas. The rug-maker then applies a latex coating to the reverse of the rug. The scrim holds the tufts in place before he attaches a final protective backing of natural cotton. The final stage is to shear off the upper layer to create a super-smooth and even pile. Depending on the design, a master craftsman will then hand-carve the surface to accentuate elements of the design and create a superior finish.
₹ 7,644

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