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Project DEFY

Self Designed Education for All

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  • Project DEFY aims to reclaim the meaning of education and break the existing factory-model of learning, by helping communities create their own schools. These schools are called Nooks. The two basic tenets of our approach are – “learning happens naturally” and “information is available freely”. We, therefore, went ahead and created our own school, and our own learning environment, which has no teachers, no exams; where people of different ages and background learn together out of curiosity, and knowledge sharing. We call these schools “Nooks”. Nook is a corner that offers a sense of security. The Hindi version of Nook is even better – it is called Nukkad (नुक्कड़) which is that corner of the street where people gather in their free time. For us, it is our space where kids and adults can safely express, experiment and experience different domains of learning, and find their interests. Project DEFY is reaching out to communities who are distraught with the inefficiency of current education systems, and helping them to create their own Nooks – self-learning.
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