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Regional Language Wedding Invitation Cards

Customize your Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu & Bengali wedding invitation in minutes, with any religious symbol. For invitation videos or invites in other languages like Punjabi or Malayalam, contact us. Starting at ₹350.

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Finding the ideal Punjabi wedding invitation card or a wedding card in Malayalam is vital when it comes to wedding websites, but Wedding Wishlist has got you covered. With over 150 invites to pick from, you'll be able to customize the ideal Punjabi invitation wedding card or a wedding card in Malayalam to celebrate your traditions with ease.
With the help of Wedding Wishlist you will be able to customize a Punjabi wedding invitation card that has just a few simple steps. Simply purchase the template as per your preference which looks good for a Punjabi wedding invitation card or Malayalam wedding invitation, begin modifying and customizing it from there.
Once you've completed the steps, you can download your customized Malayalam wedding invitation or the Punjabi wedding invitation card templates and send them by email or WhatsApp.