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Snehadeep Trust for the differently abled

Livelihoods for differently-abled
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Sponsor expenses in a hostel for visually impaired students
Last audited December 2018
The vision of the organisation is to make the differently-abled fully employable, bringing them into the mainstream and helping them lead a life of dignity and economic independence. Snehadeep Trust for the differently abled was established in 1999 by three highly motivated graduates, all visually impaired, who had a strong desire to help people with disabilities experience the life opportunities for which they had to fight so hard to obtain. Paul Muddha, visually challenged, post an MBA and MA in Economics, is currently employed as a manager in Canara bank and has also taken the responsibility of running Snehadeep Trust. He is the recipient of the National Award for people with disabilities from the then President of India - Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam in 2004. Snehadeep runs a free residential Computer Training course designed specifically for differently abled individuals. One of the most prevalent hurdles to education for the visually impaired is the availability of Braille textbooks. Snehadeep aims to provide free Braille textbooks to visually challenged students, thereby encouraging their continued education. Stats for 16-17 No. of visually impaired and hearing impaired people trained - 145 No. of visually impaired people who received the books - 227 No. of visually impaired students being supported - 82
Leadership Paul Muddha
Access to livellihood opportuntities and basic needs,Cutomised teching methods for the differently abled,Safe space with basic facilities for those with nowhere to go,Care provided to support daily needs of the vulnerable
Snehadeep Trust for the Disabled was established in 1999 to help people with disabilities experience the life opportunities for which they had to fight so hard to obtain. Snehadeep runs a free residential Computer Training course designed specifically for disabled individuals. These children are from economically backward classes from the city and rural areas of Bangalore. Beneficiaries are identified through various awareness camps, word-of-mouth and media/newspapers. Snehadeep provides students with free food and accommodation (separate hostels for boys and girls). There are a few students who stay in the hostel and are attending colleges in the city regularly. They are provided all the meals in a day, along with tea, snacks and refreshments on a daily basis. Computer Training period : July to March. The course covers basic computer training followed by intermediate and advanced training. The organisation manages the programme through funds from individual donors and a few regular donors who donate food material Statistics: * Number of students who are provided free food and accommodation - 50 * Number of meals provided to the students everyday - 3 * Number of students who stay at the hostel and attend city colleges regularly - 30 * Duration of the computer course - 9 months

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