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Society of Friends of the Sassoon Hospitals (SOFOSH)

Orphan care
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Support the living expenses of an orphan child
Awards & Recognition
Outstanding contribution to the Society
Last audited December 2018
Provided Free Treatment To 5562 Underprivileged Patients
Society of Friends of the Sassoon Hospitals (SOFOSH) is a voluntary charitable trust that was formed by a group of public-spirited citizens of Pune who aimed to supplement the medical services provided by the hospitals through a range of humanitarian services for crisis-affected patients and their families, and to support the hospital itself by providing much-needed facilities. Patients from all walks of life, especially those living 'Below Poverty Line' (BPL) from the city of Pune and adjacent rural areas, come to seek treatment at this medical center. With 1800 beds, they have treated 11,202 needy patients, provided care and protection to 168 destitute and orphaned children and supported 38 mentally and physically disabled children. Their moral efforts were awarded by the Mukesh Pratisthan Charitable Trust and the Ninad Pariwar, Pune for the social work and the care given to orphaned children. Their staff of over 160 hardworking members believes in working for the children who are deprived of the basic needs and to serve families in times of medical and socio-economic crisis.
Leadership Sharmila Syed
Residential facilities for children and youth,Access to basic and specialised healthcare treatments,Care provided to support daily needs of the vulnerable
Shreevatsa, a special child care centre run by SOFOSH, was established in 1973. This centre caters to the needs of abandoned, orphaned children. Babies relinquished by their single birth mothers are also offered shelter under this roof. Shreevatsa offers a loving home and hope to family deprived children. Children are well looked after and provided with healthy and nutritious food along with additional supplements, whenever required, to combat malnutrition. The medical needs and rehabilitation programmes for children are worked out according to their needs including speech, massage and play therapy. SOFOSH's main aim has always been to find a home for these children as institutional care cannot substitute family care. A pre-school is run at the campus to start them off on their educational needs before adoption. Donate to this program to help poor orphan children looking for homes to have the childhood they deserve.

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