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  • Kanika Subbiah

    Kanika is a passionate entrepreneur who thrives in bringing new ideas to life. A destination gifting store offering premium gifts had long been a dream that came true with CherryTin.In its short life thus far,Cherrytin can boast of zero returns/complaints and a gifting experience that leaves a memory.Wedding Wishlist was born out of a similar desire- to bring sanity to the increasingly absurd climate of wedding gifting,From her own wedding, Kanika realised that only a handful of gifts find utility in a couple's new home;the rest are relegated to storage,giving away and worst of all,recycle.This has since been reinforced by numerous other couples.Wedding Wishlist is a service that equips prospective couples with things they need for their new life.

    Born and raised in chandigarh,Kanika graduated with a masters from Dartmouth college and an MBA from university of chicago.She moved to chennai after sixteen years in the U.S, her last position being the Head of Corporate Strategy for The Gymboree Corporation.

    Why Wedding Wishlist?

    Despite all the money spent on gifts in indian weddings, the marrying couple needs to shop for their real needs. This divide between what the couple wants and recieves, must go. Hence Wedding Wishlist, so every gift is well-appreciated , serves a purpose , and is remembered long after the packaging is forgotton. Welcome to responsible gifting!.

    What is your idea of the perfect gift?

    The perfect gift is one that is relevant for the receiver.It's relevance makes the gift appreciated and remembered, which every gift giver wants.This must be why even Santa asks for a wishlist!

  • Aditya Swaminathan

    Adi loves all things gifts, and would happily drown in yards of wrapping paper and cello tape. And he would probably sing through it all. His office colleagues might reach for ear buds, but that kind of behavior just encourages Adi to persevere even more. When he is not busy writing copy, checking photographs or looking for new products, he is likely to be found in the literary fiction aisle of the local bookstore. Or taking pointless BuzzFeed quizzes thanks to which we know that his inner potato is the sweet potato, and that if he were to be a Jane Austen heroine, he would be Elinor Dashwood from Sense & Sensibility (oh, the irony). But mostly, you can find him gazing lovingly at his cup of Earl Grey tea..

    What is the weirdest dream you had?

    I once dreamt that a llama came in through the window to discuss philosophy with me in great length, at the kitchen table. It then proceeded to eat my tablecloth. I don’t know what I was more alarmed at – the fact that I had a talking llama in my kitchen, or that it was clearly lacking in table etiquette.

  • Diksha Reddy

    Diksha is an aesthetic snob. She thinks it’s a graphic designer’s prerogative! Crazy about design, she has tried her hand at everything from greeting cards to lampshades. A colour freak, she loves bright shades and treats her MacBook like it’s her first born. An avid traveller, she’s always up for trying new things. She loves photography and has a hard time leaving her beloved DSLR at home. An obsessive tea drinker, she insists on drinking out of a pretty cup. Diksha adores food and will eat anything – provided the restaurant doesn’t have a terrible logo. Diksha is generally in good mood – her perpetual grin has earned her the nickname ‘smiley’.

    Which era do you wish you were born in?

    I love the 70’s, because of the crazy, fun, hippy culture. Bold, beautiful, quirky colours, polka dots and bohemian gear – what’s not to like?

  • Giridharkrishnan Krishnamurthy

    Looking at Giri, you'd never think he was a grandfather. We asked his daughters to sum up a quote about their dad for us and this is what they said - “Whoever loves discipline, loves knowledge." During trying times, he never loses his joy for life or his sense of humour. His motto is “Get to know everything even if you do not apply it or use it” and “Take care of yourself well so no one suffers because of you.” He is our resident accountant, and despite the hustle bustle during the day, remains calm and collected. Something we could all learn from him.

    What is your favourite movie of all time?

    Rajinikanth’s Muthu. I love the moral of the story, about how you get what you deserve. Plus there is some good humour thrown in. I also believe it was a huge hit in Japan!

  • karthikeyan S

    Karthi loves challenges – the intellectual kind. So coding is a natural attraction, as is figuring out the next move in a game of chess. When our resident techie is not lost in his laptop with all the games and TV shows around, you can find him trying his hand at table tennis or be a goalkeeper (mind you, he has no idea how to kick the ball). Those who think he is the silent type are in for a shock, and end up cursing themselves for trying to open him up in the first place.

    Which superhero's power do I think is awesome?

    Flash! He is the only one who comes close enough to Batman!

  • Keerthana Chinnasamy

    Keerthana likes to watch the chinese in mainland china, particularly when there are mynah birds around. That might be an inside joke,but it's special nuggets like that which make keerthana a unique entity in wedding wishlist. she is our resident website beautician. when a page looks odd, or something is out of place, Keerthana swoops in and makes it all look first rate again. Her energy is boundless, and if there is music in the air you can be sure that will be first one on her feet. She uses this energy to play her favourite sport,basketball.One day she hopes to travel to Las Vegas, though we're pretty sure she doesn't know why.

    If you could eat thing for the rest of your life,what would it be?

    Mayo! I love mayo on anything.I'll even have mayo with mayo.My ideal food would be an egg that cracks open to reveal oozing mayo inside!

  • Michelle Sebastian

    Michelle's on a mission to unlearn what she's learnt. Moving on from the comfort of glitzy hotels to being a full time marketing consultant, she considers this as her big leap from faith; new beginnings,new ideas,new energy and all this is equally exciting, surprising and irresistible. An ardent planner she loves to plan in micro detail and finds her calling in executing each plan to the 'T'. She calls herself a cat person and one day wants to succeed convincing her husband to have a white Persiancat with blue eyes ; as a live in pet and name the cat 'Princess'. Her current weekend plan comprise of a 60 minute spa, a kerala inspired meal served on a banana leaf, an evening ferry ride to Fort Kochi,red wine and dark chocolate cake in no particular order of preference!.

    If you had an alternate life scenario, you wish to bring to reality what would it be?

    A mad tea party that lasts for an entire afternoon from the sets of Alice in wonderland along with Alice,march Hare, The Hatter and the Cheshire cat over endless cups of cherry tea served from a floral motif tea pot together with tea cakes,warm scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, assorted tea sandwiches and lemon curd tart and curiously debate about "Why is a raven like a writing desk" ?

  • Preethi Yuvraj

    Preethi loves the web. She is fascinated with web development and design because it’s always changing, always different. She thinks coding and debugging is the bee’s knees. When she's not at work, she sets her scooter in motion to gang up with friends. Shopping malls and cafes are her “chillax” zones. Over the years, she has developed a beautiful harmony with coffee. Yes, just the aroma of coffee can keep her energized all day. Listening to music and watching movies are her other interests. Most importantly, Preethi is passionate about improving life around her and does not think twice about sacrifices required in order achieve that.

    Which place have you always dreamed of visiting?

    Travelling is fun, exciting, fascinating. I like to explore new places, and experience new things. My dream travel destination would be Venice, which is truly a one-of-a-kind place. There’s nowhere else like it in the world.

  • Ramaswamy N

    The top things Ramaswamy loves in life are Ilayaraja's songs & sweet treats. A movie buff, he has been known to tell his family he has a lot of office work pending, when he is really out watching almost all the recently released Tamil & Telugu movies. He lives life on his own contradictory terms. Claims to be diet conscious, but stops his bike to have cakes, wherever he finds those in roadside stalls. He also doesn't use smart phones, claiming that the internet spoils his daily life, but spends most of the day on his desktop exploring the internet.

    This savvy & passionate digital marketer wants to live to at least 180 years. We wish him the best of luck in this endeavour!

    If you could travel back in time, who would you meet & why?

    I would travel back to 1005 CE and just be witness to how Rajendra Cholan conquered South India to South East Asia, and brought it under the Cholan Kingdom with his military and navy power.

  • Ramesh Madhavan

    Ramesh is an explorer. He leaves the exotic work to Indian Jones and instead focuses on the one area he loves to explore - web development. This techie loves to keep himself up to date on all the latest trends when it comes to the World Wide Web. And on those days when he is tired of his exploration, he likes to spend his time travelling and watching movies with his friends.

    If you could travel back in time and meet someone, who would it be?

    I never had the opportunity to meet my grandparents. I would love the chance to meet them and get to know them better. I can't think of any better way to spend some quality time travel.

  • T K Ranganath

    Ranganath is all about numbers. A Chartered and Cost Accountant with three decades of experience, his passion is working with startups and, simply put, keep their finances in order. Finance, Taxation, Audit and IT, he does it all. This yoga and comic book lover is a welcome addition to Team CherryTin as consultant CFO.

    What is your idea of a great vacation?

    Start the morning with yoga and a brisk walk followed by a nice BIG breakfast including idlis, parathas, brown bread with cheese and marmalade…..and hot, strong filter coffee. Post lunch is for lazing around on a hammock or in bed with Asterix, TinTin, Tinkle or other comics! Spend rest of the day sightseeing, cycling, outdoor games or just drinking in the sheer pleasure of doing absolutely nothing.

  • Sathish Subramanian

    Sathish has been associated with software product development for the last 15 years. His passion is to tie technological capabilities with usability of software products, a process that he feels is constantly evolving and therefore truly exciting. He is an IIT, Madras & UT, Austin graduate who likes to keep life simple. This ardent vegetarian loves nature and his best getaways are with his family to places that have taken care of their natural environment well.

    What was that "moment of discovery” that made you feel like Archimedes (and thank god that you weren’t in a tub at that moment)?

    Ha ha! Good one. I was with my family on the terrace late evening looking at the clear sky and trying to help my kids identify some of the visibly striking planets and stars. I realized that the planets and the moon were all aligned in a line across the sky. Later I could scientifically explain why and that was some revelation!

  • Shruthi Gopinath

    Conversation and cupcakes! if there are two things about Shruthi that you'll remember in your first meeting with her, it'd be these.Need some witty Facebook posts,tweets or quick Instagramming done for your account? Shruthi is your girl! Make no mistake, this is not all she does. With a Masters degree in Computer Programming, today Shruthi Gopinath manages digitak marketing at Wedding Wishlist.When she is not tweeting,she is also busy planning the marketing calender and how to engage e- cutomers.Multi-tasking is second nature to her.A travellar at heart,she's eagerly looking forward to cross off a few countries on her travel list in the coming 2 years- Alaska, Budapest,Moscow,Croatia,Egypt and South America! At lunch , her favourite thing to do is bring delectable treats for everyone at work. Her colleagues would definitely agree on one thing about her - that there's never a dull moment around her.

    What is on your bucket list right?

    Scuba Diving! The very thought on it terrifies me and thrills me at the same time.From a very young age,I have been fascinated with ocean and the hidden mysteries deep within. I remember riding in a plane,looking down and following all the contours of nature, including the seas. So, I need to tick it off my list ASAP!

  • Sindhuja Balamurugan

    Sindhuja hates Mondays more than anything. She is our in-house photographer who loves the camera, lights, and limelight. Her knowledge of random movie trivia is scary. On rare days when she's not shooting, re-shooting or convincing everybody that 'The Lion King' is the greatest movie ever made, she can be found at her desk hooked onto 'Breaking Bad' or 'House of Cards'. Her love for meat will probably never let her embrace vegetarianism. She secretly wants to be a ninja assassin, although she's repeatedly been told that it's not a viable profession.

    If you could invent something what would it be? And why? (No, you can't say time machine)

    Fine. A teleportation device. First, because it’s the only thing cooler than a time machine. And second, because I love to travel and shoot. This would give me the perks of travelling without a passport or visa, whenever and wherever. I could have breakfast at the Bahamas, lunch in Rio and end my day in Alaska.

  • Swetha Manoharan

    Smile, CLICK! You know it's Swetha if she is busy clicking a selfie! Jumping and bouncing along and dancing through life, she brings in just the right amount of crazy. Spending hours on end shopping online, this shopaholic definitely has big confessions to make! When not beautifully wrapping gifts, managing logistics or contacting customers, she is most likely to be found on the beach, listening to music or indulging the foodie within her. She cleans the plate up better than a whole bottle of dishwashing liquid ever could!

    Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

    I see myself cast alongside McDreamy & McSteamy on the sets of Grey's Anatomy. Ha Ha!!