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Kanika Subbiah

"A Wishlist is a good thing.
even Santa wants one!"

Sathish Subramanian

Head of technology
"If UX is a symphony,
technology is the orchestra"

Tanvi Saraf

Director of Marketing
"If you can't convince them,
confuse them"

Ramaswamy N.

senior analyst, digital marketing
"If you torture the data,
it will confess"

Diksha Reddy

creative director
"Graphic Design will save the world
right after rock and roll does"

Kiran t. balan

graphic designer
"When nothing goes right,
centre align it"

Michelle sebastian

"Manager, communication, Events & alliances
Everything is

Sai Krishnan

software developer
"Bugs come in through
open Windows"

Swetha manoharan

manager, fulfillment & customer acquisition
"What's the point of gift,
if it doesn't get delivered?"

Aravind C. R.

software engineer
"Fear, rightly used is the
father of courage"

trishala rao

marketing associate
"Be a Fruitloop in a world
full of Cheerios"

P. Athiban

software developer
"Science of today is the
technology of tomorrow"

Anju M. kaimal

software developer
"Be the

serlin tamilselvam

software developer
"Any program that runs
is obsolete"

lisha mahbubani

manager, operations
"Great things never came
from comfort zones!"

sathish kuppuswamy

head of finance
"When the going gets tough,
the tough gets going"

mukesh shankar g.d.

software developer
"If brute force doesn't solve your problems,
then you aren't using enough"

siddarth jawahar

software developer
"No genius has ever existed without
a touch of madness"

vigneshbharathi sridhar

software developer
"Stay positive, work hard,
make it happen"

afshan afsar

business development manager
"A sprinkle of happiness, a dash of life
and a spoonful of ideas"