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The idea for lluvia was born out of a desire to bake healthy for my family. Since we had exhausted options from bakeries and eateries near us, I decided to try my hand beyond just baking cakes. Having watched my mom baking birthday cakes for me, I took her help in getting started. Once I began , there was no stopping me!

I took up a class with a benevolent bunch of chefs in Seattle, who patiently answered all my questions about baking with whole wheat.They taught me the art of baking dense and earthy breads.

I then went a step further. After a full days’ work at my software job, I would beg my way into observing midnight production lines at some local bakeries. Finally I felt I was ready! When we moved back from Seattle to Bangalore after 12 years of being away, I did not realise that the city was craving for healthy food just as I was. Its been a little more than 2 years since I have started , but the response has been overwhelming! I am so glad that there are so many wonderful people who appreciate a loaf of bread that has been painstakingly and lovingly made in my home kitchen with the best ingredients. Thank you !

I bake from my home and the products come to you fresh! I do not add preservatives, so they are better and safer for you. All products are baked with whole wheat so that you can include more whole grains in your diet. I am doing this not only for myself , but also, so that you have the option to eat healthy! Here’s to a Happy Healthy You!

What kinds of wedding gifts do you offer?
Whole Wheat Bakery
Do you have a bespoke range of gifts? If so please elaborate
We have very unique products as gifting options - cranberry orange scones, blueberry bars, cheesecake brownies, cheesecake bites, granola bars for the health conscious
What is your starting price point?
INR 55
What is your minimum order requirement?
100 pieces
How many years of experience do you have?
> 5 years
What is your payment policy?
50% advance , 50% on delivery
Do you ship both domestic and internationally?
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