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Udhavum Nanbargal

Rehabilitation of Homeless People

Udhavum Nanbargal Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization formed to help the underprivileged. The plan, vision, and mission of Udhavum Nanbargal is to uplift the Alathur Village a self-sufficient & saturated one.

  • The main goal of the Trust is to "To help people move from homeless to self-sufficiency". Udhavum Nanbargal caters to the need of the people in and around the Pakkam village and serves them to relieve them from poverty level.

    This organization has done some impactful work in the last 14 years to help the people of the village by educating them, providing medical support, building schools and providing them with some basic facilities. By supporting this cause, we would be helping this organization with medical supplies, educational supplies, building a new classroom in the village school and developing a village.

    To learn more about what they do, please visit:
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