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Vidya & Child

Primary Education
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Support non formal education of marginalized children
Last audited December 2018
Vidya & Child works with the mission of helping bridge the gap for those children who need education but have no access to the facilities for learning. The organisation works toward providing a learning environment which can lead to a strong educational foundation as well as help a child in identifying the uniqueness within themselves. The organisation caters to 1500+ children across 4 centres in Noida and 1 in Siwan, Bihar. Vidya & Child started its activities by supporting the education of 2 children of domestic servants. Both performed exceptionally in their classes. This reinforced the belief that given the right atmosphere and opportunity all children can excel despite their background and challenges. Ms Supriya Akhaury, a qualified Chartered Accountant, left her practice in 1998 to start Vidya & Child with just 2 children. Today after 19 years, Vidya & Child reaches out to over 1600+ children. This would not have been possible without her passion and commitment towards her chosen cause. The organisation caters to children from Nursery to Class XII & beyond. Most of the children are first generation learners and have parents who work as domestic servants, rickshaw pullers, industrial workers, plumbers & street vendors. Vidya & Child offers a holistic approach through intensive Life Skills and Arts & Performing Arts along with academic, financial & mentoring support. No of children in After School Support Programme - 217 No of children in NIOS Programme - 72 No of children in School Programme - 1150 No of children in Life Skills Programme - 1600 No of children in Foundation Programme - 128 No of children in APA Programme -1400 According to Supriya, Vidya & Child is an opportunity for every child to complete school education within the mainstream, understand his or her own self, to be able to overcome challenges, and be helped in understanding what his/her creative strengths are, all of which ensures that each child carves out a more meaningful life for himself or herself.
Leadership Supriya Akhaury
Cost incurred to provide books, stationary and uniforms,Expenses incurred in the education of children
Vidya & Child works with the objective of developing a creative learning environment for children to help them merge within mainstream education and society. Donations to the program contribute to a fund that will cover the cost of stationery and supplies to the children as well as salaries and operating costs of the center. Education at Vidya & Child involves mainstreaming children into schools for them to complete school education. This crucial step is a platform from where children can then decide career paths and aspire for higher studies. It enables a child to access the vast opportunities of higher learning that are otherwise beyond reach. The non-formal education center strengthens the child to compete in the mainstream world and to utilize the potential within. This is an opportunity wherein children are initiated into an academic environment and an equally strong creative learning process. Children who have been a part of this process are beautiful painters, Kathak dancers, tabla players, can set up their own magic show, tattoo artists as well as children who excel in Maths, Science and Languages. The organization strives to provide a holistic educational environment where academic excellence is as important as recognizing one's strengths within. They offer a positive atmosphere where every child has the opportunity to explore, create and focus on their talents. Vidya & Child motivates the parent and the child in visualizing a purposeful future and the meaningful role that education plays in every person's life. A robust parent outreach program tries to ensure that the child and the parent are motivated in investing the long years that are needed for a child to finish school education and move forward towards a suitable career choice to enable the child to be independent. The program caters to children of plumbers, rickshaw pullers, carpenters, drivers and domestic helpers who are from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. These children attend classes at the non-formal education centers. Classes are held from nursery to class V, from 8 am to 2 pm every day across 4 centers in Noida. These centers cater to over 1,100 children. A level based curriculum is followed where children learn at their own pace. Assessments are done after every level and monitored for the quality of inputs received by the children. Once they finish class V, they are admitted to a mainstream school. Currently, 160 children also attend their after-school support programme in the evening. When you donate to this program, you give children a foot into the world of education with which they can change their futures.

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