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Vidya Sagar

Education For Those With Disabilities

The Spastics Society of India was born in March 1985 in a garage in Chennai. Today Vidya Sagar is housed in a building that is designed in a manner that is totally barrier-free, and accessible to persons with disabilities, on land leased by the Government of Tamil Nadu and with community support.

  • Vidya Sagar today runs several programmes reaching out to over 3800 individuals with disabilities. This has been possible by setting up high-quality delivery of services, focusing on early intervention, special education, physiotherapy, speech and communication therapy, vision training, occupational therapy, co-curricular activities, counseling, vocational training, exploring and creating employment opportunities and training of resource persons to work in the field of disability.

    This wonderful organization has been helping special children for the last 33 years. Supporting this cause would mean helping this foundation provide better services to the differently abled children they support.

    To learn more about what they do, please visit:
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