10 Cool, New Baby Products To Add To Your Gift Registry In 2023! 

Adding gifts to your gift registry is one of the most fun parts of planning the arrival of your little one. You can add everything you want for your baby to your baby registry and have your loved ones gift it to you. It almost feels like Christmas came early! However, if you are on the gift-adding journey, here are some super-cool, new products that would make a great addition to your gift list in 2023. Read on and add them now! 

New baby product
New baby product

LoveVery Washable Activity Mat 

We all know an activity mat is an essential for infants, but just because of the amount of time they spend on it, cleaning it is critical. But most activity mats don’t allow you to put them in the machine. LoveVery’s mat not only is foldable and washable, it also comes with detachable accessories that help keep your little one entertained for long. 

MobySoft Spot Bath Tub

A bathing chair or bath tub is one of the first essentials you will be getting for your baby. However, bath time can be very stressful for new parents because the risk of slipping is high when there is so much water involved. MobySoft Spot Bath Tub is cushioned and comfortable, ensuring that your baby has full support and won’t slip during bath time. Now isn’t that fantastic? 

On the go baby monitor

Parents are always worried about their little ones, and an on-the-go, wireless baby monitor goes a long way in alleviating this fear. Babysense has some amazing models that have a great battery life, night vision and dual audio, making sure that you can keep an eye on your baby wherever you go! 

Mamaroo Bouncer

While baby bouncers are available in hundreds, this one stands apart. It is designed to mimic the motion of human touch, so your little one never really feels like they’re away from you. Also, it has a complete reclining seat so you can choose whatever is comfortable for the baby. And the best part is, you can control it all from your smart phone. 

Boppy Baby Carrier 

For parents on the go, a baby carrier is a life saver. However, it can be tough to choose between a structured one and a fabric one. Boppy’s baby carrier offers the best of both, with a hybrid material that gives the comfort of fabric and the support of a structured one. It is also machine washable, making it really easy to use. 

Chicco Duo Bottles 

These bottles are everything new parents wish for. Made with 2 layers, they offer everything one wants in a baby bottle. The inside glass layer means there is zero exposure to plastic for your little one. The outside plastic makes this bottle practically shatter free. Now isn’t that great? 

Withings Temporal Thermometer 

This one is not available in India, but a great choice if you can manage to source one. Infants are prone to fevers and anyone who’s checked the temperature of a cranky infant knows its no easy feat. This thermometer allows you to check the temperature without any contact, and also sends reminders for medications.

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