15 Best Kitchen Gift Ideas For A Couple’s Wedding

Best Kitchen Gift Ideas

15 Best Kitchen Gift Ideas

From gorgeous glassware to quirky kitchen tools, there’s a whole world of fun, exciting and genuinely useful kitchen gift ideas that one can explore.

In the Masterchef obsessed world we live in, where every young couples fancies themselves to be a home chef, this is one category of wedding gifts you just can’t seem to go wrong with. The trick is to steer clear of novelty mugs and gimmicky products and find something that’s functional and cool. Here’s a list of 20 kitchen gift ideas that are sure to score you some major brownie points (and hopefully some brownies) with the couple.

#1 Porcelain Egg Cups

You may not believe this, but eggcups are actually having a bit of a moment in the world of gourmet chic! These delicate porcelain pieces can transform an ordinary breakfast staple into something of an art form. Get the couple a set so they can use it for lazy brunches at home.

#2 The Instant Pot

This one’s become an Amazon bestseller for good reason. The Instant Pot is a bit of a magical gadget to have in your kitchen because it can seemingly do everything. From being a rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker and steamer to even making yoghurt and sautéing vegetables, it literally does it all!

#3 KitchenAid Stand Mixer

This product has become one of the most aspirational buys for anyone who fancies themselves to be a baker. The classic machine in retro colors is a style statement in kitchens now, and if your wallet and heart and big enough to afford this, you know you have a winner on your hands.

#4 Cook books

A highly underrated gifts, it is often forgotten in lieu of fancy kitchen gadgets. But what can one do with gadgets if you don’t have the right instructions to use them? Gift the couple a bunch of truly amazing cookbooks, from their favorite cuisine to something about quick-fix dishes for last minute dinner parties. It’s bound to come in handy.

#5 Oil Infuser

Here’s a tool that gives your favorite table oils a totally new lease to life! The name says it all—you can use this infuser to infuse your oils with just about anything you like, from garlic to aromatic herbs. It’s a great dinner table addition and makes for an out-of-the-box kitchen gift idea.

#6 Le Crueset Cookware

Now if you want to gift a couple that really has everything in their kitchen, there’s no better choice than something from this truly delectable brand. Available in a choice of warm and delectable colors and homely styles, any bakeware, glassware or cookware you get from here has got to be a welcome addition to any home.

#7 Butter Churner

Know a couple that truly enjoys their parathas with fresh, homemade butter? Give this desi tradition a contemporary feel with a fancy butter churner. Any foodie friend will be thankful after eating dollops of this fresh gooey butter on a cold winter morning. Plus, it’s so pretty to look at!

#8 A Knives Set

It may not be the most conventional gift, because no one wants to give sharp-edged objects that slice as a wedding present! But trust us when we say this—a good set of knives are a chef’s most prized tools and for any couple that enjoys cooking, this gift will be loved, used and treasured.

#9 A Mortar and Pestle Set

From freshly ground pesto to delicious guacamole and mint chutney, this trusted kitchen tool will be a couple’s companion during many a meals. Go for one that is made of unfinished stone for an earthy feel. You’ve got yourself a gift that looks good, is very useful and very affordable. And that’s what we call a winner!

#10 Digital Glass Steamer

This is a great gift for the health-conscious couple! For those who like their veggies and meat steamed to perfection, this gift is an ideal choice. Choose a brand like Cusinart, so it guarantees evenly cooked food and is a treat for the eyes.

#11 A Coffee Maker

In the quest to be innovative, we can never forget the classics. And this is one is definitely the king of kitchen gift ideas. From a French press to an instant coffee machine like Nespresso, the world is yours to choose from. Just pick something that works well with the couple’s lifestyle.

#12 Beverage Dispenser

Now here’s a fun gift choice for the couple that loves to host. Get them a big mason jar dispenser and let them have fun with it. From infused water to fancy cocktails, they can serve pretty much anything they like in it! And it’s a great accessory for any party. And it’s a kitchen gift idea that is unlikely to be gifted by someone else.  

#13 Wine Rack

This is the starting point to any great bar, and it’s a gift that’s easy on the pocket. Get the couple a really smart wine rack where they can proudly display their bubbly collection. Get one that has place for stemware and lockable wheels so they can use it for cocktail evenings hosted at home.

#14 The Ultimate Bar Set

Know a couple that loves their drinks? Get them an expansive bar set with all the paraphernalia needed to make fun cocktails. From a cocktail shaker and peg measurer to a corkscrew, muddler and pourer, make sure it’s all there. This is a wedding gift idea that will make a mixologist out of the most conservative drinkers.

#15 Fondue Set

Nothing makes a winter evening better than melting hot cheese or steaming dark chocolate, and a fondue set is the perfect starting point to enjoy this. This Swiss specialty comes with ling-stemmed forks and is the ideal dish for a family to sit together and enjoy.

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