5 baby toys that will ensure you some “me time”

Having an infant in the house is a warm gooey experience. It’s also an exhausting one, especially for the mother. Between feeding, diapering, nap times and showers, there is barely any time left. And whatever there is, is taken over by your little one wanting your attention at all times. However, these miracle toys will keep your bub entertained and happy and give you that much needed time to recover and relax. So if you’re creating your baby gift registry soon, make sure to add these toys to it. 


Here are a few toys you could add to your gift registry

Mastela Deluxe Multi-Functioning Swing

This beautiful chair is a saving grace for most new and exhausted parents. It is portable, has different swaying and movement intensities, plays beautiful music and has an adjustable back. Infants love the soothing movements and soft music and it keeps them entertained for hours. And the best part is, it often tends to lull them to sleep. Also it’s high on safety and has a toy bar to keep the child’s attention. So if you’re looking to invest in something that can truly entertain your little one, then this is a great choice. 

Ball Pit

Once your infant becomes slightly older and can sit upright, this is a great entertainment activity for your bub. Just inflate it and fill it with balls and leave your little one in it to play for hours. They find the colours stimulating, it’s great for them to start making small movements, and it offers a safe space for them to be in. You can also add some of their favourite toys to it and let them play here for long periods of time.

Skip Hop Activity Centre 

While this one is a little expensive, it scores top marks on safety and educational stimulation. This activity centre allows you to strap your little one with complete support and it has a circular disc around it with multiple toys attached. They can tur around and play with different toys, and you have the comfort of knowing your baby is strapped in and won’t be able to harm himself. 

Remote controlled car 

Another great toy that helps your baby stay safe and entertained while being outdoors are remote controlled cars. Many brands offer this and you can get a good model online easily. They are battery operated, have music and stories that play on the speakers and allow your baby to be strapped in comfortably and safely. The good thing with the car is that your baby can use it till the age of 3, so it’s an investment that pays off. And babies love riding in this and enjoying the outdoors. You can use it in your driveway or even in an empty corridor space indoors. 

Pikler Triangle 

A Montessori Pickler Triangle is ideal for babies when they turn 1 and is especially beneficial if your little one is super active and does not stay in one place for long. This super sturdy toy helps the child develop physical abilities. They can climb up and down, do the slide and learn how to get more comfortable with movements. And this too is something babies play with till about three years of age, so it makes the expensive price point worth it. 

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