Affordable Honeymoons, Thanks To The Gift Registry!


After the long and what can often be stressful wedding day mayhem, a honeymoon is often a time for the couple to relax and let their hair down. Wedding Wishlist offers some wonderful honeymoon getaways and experiences that you won’t easily forget. So, why add a honeymoon experience on your wedding gift registry? Take a look at the points below.

1.You won’t be paying for it 

The best part about getting your honeymoon registered is that you won’t have to pay for it! While creating your Wishlist, just like adding any other gifts, you can add your favourite destination or honeymoon experience, which your guests can pay for. So you can enjoy your honeymoon as a gift from your guests.


2. Experiences are much better than another set of plates or a bouquet of roses

Experiences are quite different from the usual set of gifts that you can get from anyone. Bouquets are a waste of money, and how many pressure cookers do you really need? An experience is unusual in the sense that may not be physically tangible, but its impact can be great and powerful.

3. Experiences remain indelible in your mind more than a memory of a “thing” 

Roses fade, but the memory of having the time of your life with your loved one will be long lasting, and will make the gift all the more special! Things come and go, but the memory of happy times are often the ones we look back and reflect on. So why not have your guests gift you a special moment in time?


4.Great options for couples that have everything 

Are you a couple living with extended family? Then you may have everything you need for your home. This is the ideal situation to choose experiences as your gifts. So go ahead and choose a getaway package deal, a spa voucher for two, a hair and beauty makeover at a great salon or even an adventurous activity for the two of you.


5. Much easier than a store bought gift 

That’s right! No stepping out or making a call to your travel agent, no scouring through many sites to find what are the best honeymoon experiences that you can choose as gifts. All the best experiences are made available to you by our best gift concierge. So from the comfort of your home and just at the click of a button, you can choose the best experience as a wedding gift.


Get a gift registry and make gifting easy. You’ll realise that choosing experiences as a gift on your Wishlist was one of the best decisions you made – only second to your decision of marrying your spouse! 

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