5 truths for every bride-to-be

“A wedding is a party, not a performance. If you end up marrying THE ONE, then everything has gone perfectly.”   – Some very wise person. 

They say hindsight is 20:20, and after almost half a decade of being married, there are so many things I wish I could tell the young(er) me on my wedding day.  Here are some bride-to-be tips from someone who has been there and done that!

Photography - Bombay Paparazzi

Photography – Bombay Paparazzi

Enjoy the party

Monica may have threatened Joey when he called her wedding a ‘party’, but just this once, I’ll have to disagree. Let’s get real—it is a big, grand party. And unless you plan to win a Nobel Prize, it’s probably the biggest one that will ever be thrown in your honor. So ENJOY the limelight. What needs your time, attention, head and heart is your marriage, not the wedding. Just loosen up and make the most of this day.

People matter. Perfection doesn’t!

I remember endless discussions, and arguments when we were planning the wedding. But do I remember the colour of flowers or centerpieces? Hah! Not even the fuzziest idea. What I do remember are moments—my brother cracking silly jokes when my eyes got misty, my dad refusing to let go when it was time to leave, my friends spiking my water glass for Dutch courage. You’re surrounded by the people you love, and that’s as close to perfection as you’ll get.

It’s your moment. Be vain

If you’re happy, you’ll look beautiful no matter what. But this is your princess moment and let no one tell you otherwise. Wear what you want, NOTHING is too much or too little. There’s no stopping a bride-to-be. If you want to spend half a day in makeup, do it. And enjoy every single compliment. Trust me, never again in life will you be able to spend that much time, money and effort on looking extra gorgeous.

Choose your battles wisely

Yes, it’s your big day, and you’ve probably been dreaming about it your whole life. But so have your parents. Let them do (most) things their way. Once you’re married, you’ll miss them and their “we know what’s best” attitude more than anything in the world.

There’s also a groom

Of course, weddings are all about the bride. Not disputing that. But somewhere, in the midst of all this magical madness, don’t forget the one you’re marrying. Share the laughs, crack your inside jokes, steal a few looks and remember, when all this is over, he’s the one you’ll be riding into the sunset with…

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