5 Common Shopping Mistakes That Expecting Moms Make

There is nothing more exciting that waiting for the arrival of your little bundle of joy! And every expecting parent wants to make sure they’re all set up so their baby has a all the comforts she needs. Also, it is such an overload of cuteness to shop for a newborn that parents, especially first-time parents, often go overboard. If you too are beginning to shopo for your baby’s arrival, here are some mistakes you don’t want to make. Read on so you can shop like a pro and save a ton of money. 


You don’t need everything right away. So don’t get it.

One of the biggest mistakes first time parents make is that they feel they need everything now, so their baby has all the comforts. However, the truth is no two babies are the same. So just because your bestie’s baby sleeps on the cot and loves her rocker, it does not mean yours will too. There are essentials that you know you’ll need prior to the baby’s arrival, like diapers, bedding and feeding essentials. But things like rockers, strollers, car seat and other gear can be bought post the birth. You will not need these things in the first few weeks, so once your baby is born and you understand his temperament, you can slowly see what you need and get it. 

Expensive isn’t always better

When it comes to shopping for your little one, it can be overwhelming. You only want what’s best and the market is filled with overpriced products. But expensive does not always mean the best. Read up on product materials and features and decide on what you want instead of simply going by the most expensive brand. And don’t feel guilty if you can’t buy what you think is the ‘best’. Most of the times, you’re paying for the brand’s marketing. 

Show some love to pre-loved! 

There are many companies that help sell pre-loved baby items—barely used gear and clothing at less than half the price. Your baby will outgrow things so quickly at this stage that these buys could be a great help in saving money. And on the flip side, when you’re done with things, sell them so other mommies can get well-kept items at a good price. 

You don’t need everything you see

Baby checklists and websites will give you a list of baby essentials that is so granular that no baby will need all of it. You do not need 5 different kinds of bedding, or diaper bins or 300 types of flashcards. Let your baby arrive, understand her needs and you’ll realise that a lot of these items are only for your entertainment and not for the little one. 

Babies do not need a Kardashian wardrobe 

While is is extremely tempting to shop clothes for your little one, the truth is at this age they outgrow clothes at lightening speed and they pretty much spit up, throw up or pee in most of their clothes. So don’t go overboard buying overpriced items, get few and keep replenishing as they outgrow. 

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