5 Insanely Amazing Things I Could Afford If I Had a Virtual Wedding!

The big fat Indian wedding is getting a digital update as virtual weddings (or at least a hybrid one!) become a popular choice for millennials. And while many may still be worried about sending an invitation for a virtual wedding, there are many advantages of having one. Convenience and safety amid the virus are prime reasons why this idea came about, but in retrospect, the huge savings for the couple and their families is a result that one can’t complain about. By hosting a Zoom virtual wedding, couples end up spending just a small fraction of what they would have otherwise. And with Wedding Wishlist’s plethora of services they can be rest assured that each guest has an unforgettable and personalised experience. 

invitation for virtual wedding
invitation for virtual wedding

So what do you do with all that money saved? There are many ways to use that money that make sure you’ve not just had a fabulous wedding, but are also building a strong foundation for your married life. Here are some ideas of what you can do with the money you save! 

Your first home

Yes, that sounds ridiculous, but when you think about it, physical weddings require a huge expense outlay. An average urban Indian wedding could cost anywhere from 15-20 lakh to tens of crores. A virtual wedding on the other hand would not cost more than few lakh. So all that monumental money saved can be put towards a down payment on your first home, giving your married life the most solid start.

An unforgettable honeymoon

Another great way of investing the money saved is to plan an amazing holiday post the wedding. As travel starts to open up, you can use the spare cash to plan a luxurious vacation for you and your partner so you can relax, unwind and create some very special memories together. 

A brand new car

Again, getting married means you become two from one, and that often means the need for additional transport. If you were looking to buy a new car post the wedding, this can be a great way of doing so. Depending on the amount of money saved, you can choose a model you love and even make the whole payment upfront to avoid EMIs. Your evening drives in the new ride is sure to more than compensate for not having a big fat wedding. 

Setting up your home

When you start building your own home, you want it to be done your way. And doing up your house can be an expensive affair. However, if you use a gift registry to add the smaller items and then use the savings from your wedding to get the additional furniture, gadgets and appliances, you can build a stunning home for yourself without spending a penny of your savings. And isn’t waking up everyday in the house of your dreams totally worth having a Zoom virtual wedding? 

Actual Investments 

So if you’re sorted on all of the above, then a great thing to do with the money saved is to invest it in a solid place. Because before you know it, it will grow in value and become the perfect little nest egg for you and your partner. And who would not like to have that security when embarking on this new journey? 

So if you’re planning to send out your virtual wedding invitations, remove any hesitation you have and get on with it. You know the amazing options that lie on the other end of it. 

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