5 Insanely Obvious Reasons Why a Wedding Gift Registry Is a Must

If you’re tying the knot anytime soon, we’re sure you’ve got a lot on your mind. From booking the perfect venue to finding your dream dress, the to-do list can be pretty long. However, there is one important aspect about having the most memorable celebration that couples tend to forget–the wedding gift registry. But we guarantee you, this one super easy task will make your wedding celebrations so much better.

Wedding gift registry
Wedding gift registry

Here’s every reason you NEED to create your wedding gift registry NOW! 

Who doesn’t love great gifts

You know what’s the best thing about Christmas, birthdays, weddings and any other major milestone celebrations—the many, many gifts you get. You know what’s the worst? The fact that you don’t end up using most of those gifts and they end up being recycled. We all love great gifts, and on an occasion like oyur wedding, when you get hundreds of them, just imagine your joy if you end up loving and using every single one of them. A wedding gift registry ensures that happens. 


The experience is so much more memorable 

When you get a gift you love and want, you end up using it and remembering the gifter for a long time. With a wedding gift registry, you choose every gift you get and it makes the whole experience so much more special. You think of your guest every time you use that item, and doesn’t every guest who gifts you want exactly that?

You save a TON of money

Weddings are expensive. So is starting a new life with your partner. And when you are spending money at such break neck speed at this time, it helps to save where you can. When you create a wedding gift registry, you end up adding all the things you need for your new life together, and get it all gifted to you. From your honeymoon to a deposit on a new home or furniture and appliances, you can get it all via your wedding gift registry 


Your guests bless you (a LOT)

Yes, yes we know, blessings are all you want. But your guests will get you something irrespective, and when you create a gift registry, they will bless you even more because it makes their life so easy. They don’t have to rack their minds thinking about what you’d like, they just buy or contribute to something on your list based on their budget and they’re done! They’ve got you a gift you love. 

No logistical nightmare

The worst part about gifts are that guests bring it to different functions and then you and your family spend the days trying to keep them safe, transport them home and manage them. In the process, usually you end up breaking, losing or having some valuables stolen. With a gift registry, none of that happens. Your gifts are delivered to you when and where you want. 

It’s free!!

Yes, all these benefits and the service is totally free. Could you ask for anything better? Go to weddingwishlist.com and create your wedding gift registry now. 

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